Best Jeans For Curvy Girls Pt.2

Shopping For Jeans…[/caption]

Its Finally Fall and ya’ll know what that means jeans, boots and more jeans. A few months ago we shopped for the best fitting jeans for our thick hip curvy girls. If you missed that check it out here. Recently, I took it upon myself to put my own curves to the test and shop for jeans for girls with GBT (guts, butts & thighs) :). I hope that my findings will help you in your search for a great pair of jeans this Fall. To start I went to a few different stores:

The Limited
Lane Bryant
New York & Company

Lets tackle this list from the top, ladies get your pencils or smartphones out!

Nordstorm: [5 out of 10] Generally speaking I love Nordstrom. I’m not a department store gal, but theres just something different about Nordstrom. However, they are not the best place for in-betweenie curvy girls to shop for jeans.

Inbetweenie: Too thick or curvy for straight size, and too small for plus size.

Nordstrom, is great for shopping designer jeans, they carry every brand from Paige to J Brand. However, as I said before they never carry a large quantity of sizes ranging from 12-16. If your lucky you may find a 34 but that truly is a rare miracle. While there I decided to try a pair of electric blue Hudson jeans size 32. I did my rubber band test of pulling at the hips and thighs to see if they would possibly fit… they passed so, on to the dressing room I went.

The results: 5 out of 10. Even though I could get them on, they were too tight at the waist. I don’t recommend buying jeans where the majority of your stomach is spilling out, especially when you’re standing. Ladies that’s a clear indication that they don’t fit. They did have great stretch and if the waist wasn’t a problem I would consider purchasing. However, these jeans retail at $189 which is too expensive.

Hudson Jeans @ Nordstrom

I also wanted to try the new Lucky Brand plus size jeans; they start at size 14 but they were all sold out of that size. I did get to see a few pair and the wash was too light for me.

Forever 21: [7 out of 10] I have purchased 2 pairs of jeans from Forever 21 Plus and my recommendation is to go up one size especially if you have thick thighs. This year they have a great selection of jewel tone skinnies. So if you’re like me and you want to try these out I say go one size up. They retail for about $27.80 (ranging from size 12- 24) which when it comes to jeans is a steal.

The Limited Jeans vs. Jeggings: I was shopping in-store so these jeans are from their straight size line not Elouquii. I tried out both their denim jeans and their jegging in size 14. Here were the results.

Jeans [7 out of 10]: I’m giving these jeans a 7 of out 10 for 3 reasons: they were too long (they don’t offer short), not enough stretch and they were too tight at the waist. At 5’2 I simply cannot wear a “regular” length jean, I have to wear “short” or “petite”. Also I like the feel of a super stretchy jean, I have long days and I need to be comfortable and not feel restricted. Lastly, these were a size 14 and it felt tight at the waist.  Exhibit A

The Limited Regular Jean, Size 14

The growing muffin top is not good. Also I know “you” can be different sizes in different stores but I’m pretty much a size 14 pay in every store. Which is why they should not be tight. 

Jeggings [9 out of 10]: Yes this pair was almost perfect. They have mega stretch, even dark wash, sexy fit, and a nice length. The only thing I did not like about these jeans was how they made my belly jelly look. I

The Limited Jeans vs. Jeggings

Lane Bryant [8 out of 10]: Usually Lane Bryant is a store I avoid because in my opinion their sizing runs big. However, for this post I wanted to test out their jeans for my readers who may be looking for this type of fit. If I’m not wearing skinnies than I’m wearing a straight leg style jean and so I tried their straight leg style first.

To be quite honest I think Lane Bryant may be on to something, the fit was amazing but the style, not so much. I know for some of you that may not make sense but, if you look at the picture below compared to the ones above you will see what I’m referring too.  I personally like a more trendy style to my jeans.

Lane Bryant Straight Leg Jean, size 14

Clearly you can see a difference. I have a love/hate relationship with the double button, on jeans I feel as though they are dated. I don’t mind them on a trouser but, I don’t care for them on jeans. However, I do appreciate that it helps to keep all the belly jelly where it should be. These jeans also square off my hips and I don’t like that either. I would recommend these jeans for a more mature curvy girl or someone that likes a more classic style. These retail for $69.99, while the skinnies were $79.99 and range from size 14- 28 (also available in petite and tall).  I definitely recommend trying out the colored skinnies if thats a trend you want to try but don’t feel comfortable shopping at Forever 21 Plus. They are a great alternative.

New York & Co [ 6 out of 10]: This surprised me the most because last year I really liked their jeans and jeggings, this year not so much. Once I tried the jeans on they definitely didn’t have enough stretch, I felt a bit restricted. The deal breaker was my but, it looked flat and square in these jeans, see for yourself…

New York & Co Curvy Skinny Jeans, Size 14 Petite

And in-case you didn’t know these are their curvy fit jeans. So if you want to try them make sure you pick up curvy fit, they retail for $69.00 and go up to size 18. 

Target [10 out of 10]: I saved the best for last! Currently I’m in love with Target Premium Denim Leggings. I know, the jeggings wins it, not a surprise but, when you find something and it works, it works. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of myself in them but , here’s what I can tell you. They come in a great dark wash (no whiskering), nice length, mid-rise, and great stretch. I purchased mine in size 14 (they go up to size 20) and they only cost me $27.99. These scored a 10 because there isn’t anything that I don’t like about these jeans, my butt looks great, the fit and style are also trendy and modern! Target gets the Win!

Target Mossimo® Womens Skinny Premium Denim, Fit 4

To purchase these jeans above please just click the picture. This concludes part 2 of our 3 part series on shopping for jeans. If you have any questions about the brands listed in this post please comment below or contact us above @ Make The Contact! Also if you struck curvy girls jean gold and want to share your personal recommendations please feel free to share below in the comments section.

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12 thoughts on “Best Jeans For Curvy Girls Pt.2

  1. Xenia (@RaisedByCulture) says:

    Karima you don’t know how much I appreciate this especially since we talked about the skinnies at F21! What brand jeggings are those? I have stayed away but I’ve seen some really good ones lately! And I’m on my way to Target to get their denims!

    • karimarenee says:

      Hey Xenia! I’m glad this post was helpful!!!! That means the world to me. The brand is Mossimo at Target. If & when you buy them let me know your thoughts! Thanks for reading

  2. Vee Holmes says:

    I happened upon your blog and love it!!! I must say though you didn’t mention Gap Always Skinny Jeans, if you haven’t tried them on, you must!!! I am very curvy and I wear the heck out of them!!! They do vary by wash, so the one I recommend is the darkest wash and it retails for 69.50…you won’t be disappointed. They go up to size 16 in the store and up to size 20 online. Let me know what you think when you give them a try.

    • karimarenee says:

      Hi Vee! We tried A few Gap jeans in our first post and recommend them for our “thick hip” curvy girls! Thanks for visiting us and sharing your experience with jeans! We love that you love us! Thanks for commenting and thanks for reading! We love you right back!

  3. farrah says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for doing this series. I recently picked up some weight and i’m miserable trying to find new jeans that fit.

  4. Deh yah says:

    You just saved me a lot of years of struggles. Thank you! I was super fed up with being an inbetweener when it comes to jeans. This article is everything lol

    • karimarenee says:

      Hi, Deh Yah!

      Thank you so much for checking us out her on SMB. Thank you so very much for your kind words. Im happy to know that you loved our article, we love you for reading! Happy Summer.

  5. Amy says:

    I too am in LOVE with the Target Curvy Skinny Fit 4 Premium Denim. They fit great, look great and come in multiple colors, which is my fav. Glad to see you found the same success at an affordable price! Go Target!

  6. Samantha Hufford says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post on jeans. I am an in-between curvy girl size 14 and I DESPISE shopping for jeans. I usually get frustrated and leave the store without buying anything. Last week however, I did make a trip to Lane Bryant to find some jeans. They are just a bit too big for me and in past experience, they stretch throughout the day making them very uncomfortable but, I thought I would give them a shot. They did not work. The sales lady recommended that I head over to Maurice’s. The girls in there were determined to find me some jeans and they did!! I bought 2 pair of the original Maurice’s brand jeans and they are a perfect fit!! I have never been so excited about buy jeans. I will definitely check out some of the jeans you mentioned in this blog and I will continue to read future blogs. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  7. Amanda says:

    I would love to see an article for in between sized girls that aren’t for skinnies which I won’t wear even at a size 2 as I don’t like looking like a pudgy upside down triangle. I’m sooo frustrated trying to find a pair of jeans and I hate jeans with tons of stretch. Not only do they stretch out during the day but they also show all my lumps and bumps. I am NOT proportionate. I am normally quite small but after 12 months on high doses of steroids I’ve gained 45 pounds and have had a reaction where they’ve said it may take 1-2 yrs for my normal metabolism to restart. So I range from a 10-14, carry a lot of weight in my butt, tummy especially and hips and a little bit in my upper thighs but I’m very small framed so from about mid thigh down I’m my normal size 4ish. If I wear really stretchy jeans you can see where my thighs bubble out where my weight starts. Its horrying. I look best in 100-99% cotton and boyfriend styles with mid to high rises look best to minimize my stomach and make my body look more proportionate with the more relaxed but tapered style even if other ppl find that style doesn’t work on them (they may not have my bird bones). Problem is that the ONE pair of jeans I had that worked ripped in a way thats unrepairable (size 10 Abercrombie high rise boyfriend jeans which were uber flattering on my body tyoe). Does anyone else have my body type and jean preference and has found something? I’m going nuts looking for something!

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