Food: Five Fall Snacks

When the seasons change we often crave different cuisine, and since its Fall most of us are craving creamy, warm, crisp stuff! However, Fall can be a calorie trap for us foodies out there… don’t even get me started on Holiday menu’s. I digress… anywho since I’m not 100% in love with counting calories (who has time for that) but, I’m into being calorie conscious (i know,weird but it works for me) I came up with a list. So here is a fun list of new snacks I’m obsessed with this Fall that keep my taste buds and my thighs happy. 

  • Brie Bites: Trader Joes is the coolest in-door farmers market ever! If you like cheese, brie, or even if you don’t like brie you can and should try this. At only 80 calories you can’t be mad at this cheese; smooth, creamy and delicious. You can eat this with fruit, nuts or how I do with bread and fig butter. Its so mild and creamy it compliments not over power these things. Also keep in mind that not all brie is created equal, if you try this and like it, go for “creamy” and “mild” types of brie for a similar taste. 

Brie Bites & Fig Butter

  • Fig Butter: Did you know the difference between jelly/jam vs. butter (fruit), is that jelly/jam is based in sugar, while butter (fruit) is based in natural fruit juice?  In the picture above  you can see I use fig butter with my brie and bread combo. Fig anything is really popular this Fall and this butter is a great and easy way to incorporate it into your diet. Caution: butters have a tendency to

    Everything Is Better Oven-Fried

    be full bodied in flavor so, less is more. Feel free to spread on toast, bagels or crackers.

  •  Zucchini Fries: Some call them sticks, wedges, whatever! If it looks like a fry, fries like fries, its a fry only with more nutritional
    value. I love these things, I make them all the time, if you don’t like squash, try Zucchini! Season these bad boys with your favorite  spices (generously), dip in beat egg whites, roll in panko bread crumbs and bake. Feel free to pan fry if in a rush, just make sure to use safflower or canola oil. And boom… better for you fries!
  • Very Very Berry Smoothies: Blackberries, Strawberries & Raspberries are what make my homemade smoothies  berrilicious! I also add in 2% milk, 1 banana and lowfat organic yogurt for good measure. Sometimes I also use blueberries but if you use these little fruit sapphires make sure to strain your smoothie before drinking or if your fancy just pull out your juicer! 
  • Pomegranate:  October thru December is the best time for these babies. I know some of you maybe thinking I’m hoping on the bandwagon… not so much. I’m not talking cocktails here I’m talking fresh pom seeds. Pom seeds are awesome, in pretty much everything; salads, parfait, cereal, oatmeal, even guacamole. If you haven’t tried this sensation try it now. Check your local farmers market for the freshest pom seeds your town can offer. 

    Pomegranate Baby!

What are you snacking on this Fall? Bringing back any old faves, trying something new? Comment below or chat with us on twitter @SkinnyMinority and tell us what’s in your pantry this Fall.  

Ohhhhhh and don’t forget for your all access pass to my life with fashion, food and fitness follow me on Instagram @SkinnyMinority! 

Thanks for Reading, xoxox

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