Style Hero: Jenni Of Comme Coco

We look for our Style Hero’s everywhere. Online, in malls, on the street…our radar is always on. We stumbled on upon our October Style Hero on… Instagram. Yes, we have taken social media apps to a new level! But don’t mistake it, her style is certified. Shes been featured twice on, Instyle Magazine, New York Post , and a host of other stylicious reads. So in the event that you don’t know her we invite you to fall in love with our October Style Hero Jenni Jean-Pierre of Comme Coco.

Meet Jenni Of Comme Coco

  • Age: 21 (+9)
  • Location: Washington, D
  • Alma Mater: I bleed Green & White… Michigan State 
  • Occupation: Member Relations Specialist at the American College of Cardiology
  • Personal Style: Biker meets slightly androgynous girly girl 
  • What are your Favorite Fall Trends: LEATHER LEATHER LEATHER… Oh and pointy toe shoes, deep colors 
  • Best Fashion Advice: Dress for your shape and never the trend.  Dress for your shape and never the trend. If you weren’t working in fashion, what would you be doing? 
  • What would you be doing, if you we’re working in fashion? If I wasn’t doing anything in fashion I would be doing something in sports. I never wanted to go to law school but I would have LOVED being a sports agent. 

Color Blocked

If you can’t tell this girl has personality that not only comes thru in her style but also on her blog, Comme Coco. The twenty-something washtonian is thick, (like we like) with roots that go far beyond fashion. A proud Haitian gal originally from the midwest Jenni is surely making a name for herself not only in Washington, DC but also in fashion. Currently she sits as the director of outreach for Capital Area Fashion And Beauty Bloggers [CAP FABB]; she is also the former marketing/managing editor at Facon Magazine. 

“I Love My Curves” – Jenni Of Comme Coco

 Why did you start Comme Coco and Where do you see it in the next 18 months: I started Comme Coco because I was bored, wanted a reason to display my pics of myself so that I could convince myself I was not narcissistic for the plethora of self portraits I was collecting. In 18 months, I truly hope that I have a strong collaboration with a brand that I love and I truly hope that I am in a position in public relations involving fashion.

She @ #NYFW September 2012

Favorite collections from NYFW: Noon by Noor and Son Jung Wan… Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren always are faves as well


Jenni has come a long way from Michgan, literally, and naturally has evolved into quite the DC social.  And yet being worldly and well rounded is a top quality of a Style Hero. Wherever they go style leads the way, but it’s their amazing thrist for life and unmatched tenacity that gets them there. Jenni’s final destination, like all of ours is unknown but, one thing for certain and forsure is that she will  forever be our style hero!

Jenni… We Salute You!

Holy Gorgeous…

To see more of Jenni’s style follow her on Twitter and Instagram @CommeCoco & Make sure to check out her blog Comme Coco!

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