New York Fashion Week- WrapUp

So its over, New York Fashion Week has come and gone, but before we skip across the pond to see our favorite british designers collections, lets take a look at two men and two women who rocked New York Fashion Week.

Continuing with the theme of All Back Everything, Jason Wu killed the runway with this sexy, sleek asethic for Spring 2013. 

Jason Wu

Jason Wu

Baby Wu Wu Wu… I love this collection. Here are some of my personal favs…

Better Than Herve….

Bring The Drama!!!!


I love his rainbow of colors, although he did stick to the trendy colors of blush, black, lemon and mint I love the multiple tones he used. I also love that he was inspired by florals but used them in such a chic away. This collection is truly ART. 




OMG! I adore Indian and Moroccan culture and fashion. It is beyond obvious that their collection is completely inspired and influence dby this culture. The fabric choices, draping and bead work are exquisite! This white address above screams wedding, to me, but I know better! Did you know that in India you wear white to funerals and red to your wedding. Now ya know. 

That wraps up New York Fashion! We showed you our favorite collections, now tell us what you think? Who did you love, who did you hate? Comment below or tweet us @skinnyminority. 

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