One Last Date With Summer

This past Sunday was Date Night! Wanting to look extra special for my uber glamourous date/getaway I tried on a few dresses before deciding what to pack. Finally I decided to to wear one of my very own designs which I call Veronica!

My Lookbook, KRA

Worn here by my client plus model Veronica Tejado (R), this dress is apart of my in-house line KRA which is exclusively for my clients.

The temperature is dropping here in Philly so this dress was beyond appropriate. Its sexy, modest and the perfect shade of blush. I know in this picture it looks pink, but the skirt is truly blush. Nicolette Mason actually pulled this look from me for a shoot last year for Marie Claire Magazine. And although we didn’t make the issue, I’m still completely honored.

And so on Sunday I was whisked away here…

Living Quarters…

This room was gorgeous, when I arrived I had a whole Sex and The City moment. Remember when Big told Carrie, “Welcome Home Baby” when they were in that amazing penthouse. Ahhh yes, it was like that.

Jitter Bug Parlor

Girls Who Wear Blush Do It Better

“Every Woman Should Wear A Little Lip & Lash” ~The Style Setter

Outfit Details; Dress By KRA, Shoes ShoeMint, Clutch Thrifted

Close Up


Dinner Is Served

American Cut, Dinner For 2

Coffee & Donuts

Frozen Key Lime Pie

Late Nights & Early Mornings

This guy he just loves to catch me off guard! Gotta Love it!

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