How To: Shop Your Closet For Fall Trends

If your like us then this time of year you are knee deep in SEPTEMBER ISSUES and uber anxious for Fashion Night Out & Fashion Week NYC. With all the excitement we have deemed September officially as fashion month. And since its also almost Fall that means its time to shop the trends! However, sometimes your budget doesn’t always have room for a major seasonal haul. But not to fret Fashionistas we have just the cure to your shopaholic ways,  lets shop our closets!

1/3 Of My Closet

 Yes honey boo boo, lol you too can shop your closet. Shopping your closet allows you to first play department store buyer and check out all the new trends of the season. Pick up a copy for your favorite magazine and mark, Instagram, highlight your top inspired looks.   

Then you go thru your closet and see what you have that could work with the the “new” trends. I say “new” because nothing is new under the sun, thats why its good to 1) Invest in your clothing so that it last. 2)Classics never go out of style and all trends are recycled. 

Sometimes we forget what we buy, other times we just stop wearing  things for no particular reason.  But as fashionistas and often shopaholics we have these closet jewels that we treat like fine china and only bring out for special occasions and holidays.  Scrap that, I’m breaking out the crystal, because its Fall and thats reason enough for me! Lets Talk About The Trends

Gimme Leather

LICORICE & LEATHER: Leather is one of the hottest trends this Fall. It started this Summer actually and no two other people indulged the trend more than KimYe aka Kim K. & Kanyne West! I have a long history with leather: I wore head to toe leather at both my 10th grade sophop and 12th grade senior prom. Don’t jude me… I looked amazing, I was fashionable and thats all you need to know, lol.  

This fall I’m looking forward to leather peplum tops and leather pencil skirts. The picture of the leather jacket to the left was given to me several years ago by my cousin. Its amazing and I will past it down to my daughter (if I have one, one day). From its licorice red color to its rustic texture its totally on trend and I can’t wait to rock it. As licorice reds and deep rich burgundies are the IT color for Fall. 

Pink Moto Jacket, Yes Please!

Black & Yellow Gold

BLACK & GOLD: Another trend thats is coming this season is black and gold. This is a super easy trend to duplicate. As women we all have something black: a dress, sweater, jacket, something. Now the gold part maybe a bit more difficult for my sterling sliver girls but its still doable. If you don’t have gold clothing then by all means use accessories. Belts are great, statement collars and necklaces, even try gold stockings. Any yellow gold item is a go with this combo.

I choose three of my favorite pieces to pull; two are vintage. These two pieces are great because they combine multiple Fall trends; texture, embellished and black and gold.

My leather aka pleather leggings I got last year at the annual Nordstorm sale for $39 have been a great investment. They too are a multi trend piece.

How I Do Military

MILITARY: 2-3 years ago when the military trend first started I wanted an Alice & Olivia Military Jacket. It was love at first sight when I saw Rihanna and Mary J. Blige rocking it, I had to have it. However it was $358. That was never going to happen. So instead, I went to one of my favorite vintage shops in Philly (Wilbur) and bought this authentic men military coat for $35. It was way to big and so with tailoring the coat cost me a total of $75 bucks! That was two years ago and I’m still loving this coat, I get compliments on it all the time. Since the trend is back break out your old military jackets, if you purchased one before. Or you can do like I did and hit your local thrift, vintage, salvation army or goodwill.

Submissive Doesn’t Mean Subservient

MODESTY IS EVERYTHING: A man will (not a boy) always say that a women thats covered is sexier than one thats exposed. And though I like to show a little thigh from time to time I agree. Fall 2012 is all about longer hemlines and higher necklines. Now, if you are short, like me, or busty like me, you want to be careful with doing a longer skirt/dress with a higher neckline, believe it or not a bit of leg and décolletage goes a long with us.  

I’ve collected a few vintage pieces that fit perfectly into this category. The trick is to find things in your closet that show your figure without showing too much skin.  

Heres a few options…

 – Shift Dresses

– Longer Full Skirts

– Turtlenecks (not for us busty girls)

– A Tailored Shirt

If your like me and really loving this trend, really get into it by adding gloves for a chic and covered look. A great place to get them inexpensively, are recital/costume shops and notions (buttons, bow, lace and trim) stores. 

There you have it. There’s not always a need to shop for something new when the seasons change, especially when you have amazing things in your closet. Trust me dig into your closet girls, ask your mother and grandmothers to roam through there old stuff  too and I assure you will find something to rock this Fall. And if  you still you have the itch to buy something new, make it count and perhaps buy a great shoe. 

Thanks for reading and remember to see more of all the trends I’m coveting this season FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @SKINNYMINORITY 

One thought on “How To: Shop Your Closet For Fall Trends

  1. curvyceo says:

    Great post! And it’s so on point – I cannot tell you how many treasures I have buried in my closet that still have tags on them! Shopping my closet is truly like digging for buried treasure. Plus you’re right – the trends are so circular that if you take good care of your things, you will definitely find them in style again!

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