Fitness: Indoor Rowing

A few months ago I purchased 5 indoor rowing classes at Row Zone. What is indoor rowing? What is Row Zone many of you may be thinking. Did you recently watch the Olympics, did you see the Olympic row team, you know the guys rowing in the boat! Thats rowing by definition. Indoor rowing at Row Zone is ” is a unique blend of conventional rowing and full body toning exercises.”  There is no water, no boat, and no team just you and this machine…

The Rower

It may look odd to you but, you’ve probably seen at least one of these machines in your local gym at some point. Yet the rower above is a bit more fancy and if used right could change your prespection about indoor workouts. 

Besides burning 600-800 calories, the RowZone® workout is low impact so you can get all of the benefits of running, squatting, and lifting without the wear and tear on your body.

Says Row Zone trainer Ian R. Andracchio

Rowing It Out

When I went to my first class I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I had used a rower before but not for an entire class. Since then I have gone to my second class and I must say that this is a great workout and really anyone can do it. In my classes there are women of all ages that come from all walks of life. In my last class the girl next to me had a heart condition but, she was still in there rowing it out and at times faster and harder than me.


Oh You Fancy, Huh?

So many of you might be thinking “you just sit on this rower thing the whole time, doesn’t sound hard or fun to me.” But don’t be fooled this machine give you the same traction and resistance as water. Yea, you know the most powerful and heaviest element on earth! Also you not rowing the entire 45 minutes. You also do planks, skull crushers (arm toning exercise) and a bit of Jane Fonda! Its work but its fun and I love my trainer Liza! She’s at the Newtown Sq. location and she it the bomb! 

What I love about rowing and particularly Row Zone is that you work out over 25 muscles just rowing alone. You work your core,  your legs, your arms and your back. All in 45 mins.  Also the classes are small so you don’t get lost and my instructor Liza is very attentive making sure you keep form and most importantly keep smiling. She says it makes the workout easier. 


  • The classes are upbeat
  • Its a “Heart Healthy” exercise helping to lower  blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Private Class Are Available For Shy Folks Or Busy Moms
  • They offer great package rates for all budgets/ commitments 

And For My Fellow Calorie Counters/Burners Out There ….

Burn Baby Burn

To find a Row Zone Near You  & Sign Up For a Free Trial Class Click Here . To Follow my workout routinue weekly check me out on Instagram @TheSkinnyMinority. 

Up next, Cardio Barre Ballet! I Can’t Wait…

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