Brunch Better: Home Hash

Raw & Diced Tots

I’m a bruncher! Not just a blogger who brunches or a blog bruncher! I love to brunch in general! I love everything about it; the people, the atmosphere, the food, even the hour at which it is served. And so I decided to Brunch Better. Though like I said before I love a good brunch menu! 

Salmon Croquettes,Eggs Benedict A La Crab, Stuffed Challah French Toast and don’t forget about Mimosas! 

Wow I’m getting hungry just typing.  And as delicious as all that can be  sometimes its hard to brunch without feeling guilty or blowing your weeks workout and so I took action! Here’s a way to Brunch Better at home, up first Home Hash. Home Hash is my take on home fries and and hash. The idea for this actually came from potato skins, not a typical breakfast food, right. Delicious none the less. Lets cook!

First this is what you will need

  • 4 medium size potatoes
  • garlic salt
  • ground pepper
  • thyme
  • rosemary
  • 4 eggs
  • turkey bacon
  • monterey jack cheese (reduced fat please) 
  • red onion & white onion
  • olive oil
  • butter

Now that you have raided your pantry its time to wash the potatoes. Wash them throughly under warm water using your hands and shake them dry. You don’t want them completely dry but in a damp state. I prefer to use yukon gold or red potatoes, they are creamier and easier to cut. However, use what you have/like. Once potatoes are washed and damp cut and dice them. I cut them into fours and cut the fourths into thirds and the thirds into halves. Voila, diced! They don’t have to be perfect just small enough that they wont take forever to roast. Feel free to use the picture above as a reference. 


Once your done cutting your potatoes, now is the time to preset your oven to 400 degrees. It should take about 13-15 mins to reach that temperature. Now time to season, take your garlic salt and pepper and sprinkle generously. * if you don’t have garlic salt then use garlic power or fresh garlic with sea salt

Once thats done drizzle on your olive oil, about 2 tablespoons. The olive oil is the most important ingredient of the recipe. Olive oil is a healthy fat. Plus it’s a delightful alternative to butter or vegetable oil. If you don’t like olive oil you can use grapeseed oil, canola, sesame oil or safflower oil. These oils can all stand high heat, are light and healthy and thats what we want. 

I like the Sicilian brand from Trader Joes! It taste amazing on all things that call for olive oil.

 Once seasoned its time to “fry” the potatoes. Keep the heat to medium. Use a non stick pan so there is no need to add anything to the pan. Let potatoes cook uncovered and turn constantly. 

Smidge of Butter

Red & White

After about 5-6mins add a smidge of butter, about the amount thats shown here. I use butter instead of more oil because it will help the onions we’re about to toss in brown.

 Chop and dice your onions to taste.  I use both red and white onions, red to add a bit of color and sweetness.

Out The Pan, In The Bowl

After about 3 more minutes the beginnings of your hash should look like this. Aren’t they pretty, golden brown. At this point the potatoes have been cooking uncovered for about 12 mins. You want them soft enough to poke but not mushy. 

Turkey Bacon

Now I’m not the kind of girl who goes meatless, however you can definitely  try this with tofu or facon (fake bacon), lol. This recipe is for 3 servings so I only used 3 strips of bacon, however use more if you are having friends over. Again we are not adding any oil (it makes its own) to the pan just the bacon. 

The picture to the right shows how it should look when you bacon is ready. We’re not cooking it all the way because we still have to put it in the oven with our potatoes.

Chop your bacon but, not to small. You still want to taste, yet not over power the hash.

Ready 2 Be Hashed

Now lay your tots (potatoes)on a baking sheet with non stick foil (if you have it). Now season with more garlic salt, pepper, thyme and rosemary. Sprinkle rosemary and thyme to your taste. If you don’t like these herbs try herbs de provence.  Now layer with bacon, and cheese. Its important that you sprinkle cheese not load it on. We’re trying to cut the calories, trust the taste will be amazing. 

Its ready for the oven so just pop it in. 

Karima’s Home Hash

While you wait for the hash to hash its time to start your side dishes, on this menu, scrambled eegs and berry melon toss.

Watermelon, Strawberries, Raspberries, & Cherries

Eggs are the perfect tot companion and fruit just makes sense! I wished I had other things like kiwi and pineapple but this was delicious. As always feel free to use whatever fruit your wish, but definitely don’t skip or skimp on the fruit. When I have a sweet craving fruit is my salvation, literally, I keep my fridge stocked. Whipped cream or agave nectar is a great addition too if you really miss your french toast. 

Once your eggs are done and fruit is tossed now its time to pull the hash. It should look very close to this…

I Got Hash On Smash

And The Finished Product…



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