Style Hero: Tamika Toler

As our summer sorely comes to an end (it is August ya’ll) we wanted to make sure we went out with a bang. So we wanted to reach outside the box, and truly show you something different, something audacious, something haute! In common years no other month starts on the same day of the week as August likewise our August Style Hero isn’t the ideal SM Style Hero. She is a fellow stylist and striving blogger. Fashion Dolls Meet Tamika aka Mika Mo Our August Style Hero!

August Style Hero Tamika Toler, Freelance Stylist

  • Age: 25
  • Location: From Washington, D.C. and Currently resides in New Jersey.
  • Alma Mater: Delaware State University
  • Occupation: Wardrobe Stylist
  • Little Know Fact: It’s better to be extremely ridiculous than to be extremely boring.
  • Shoes Or Purse? Shoes are everything. People always look down at your feet first.
  • Personal Style:  Modern, funky, bright,over the top, trendy, or classic, I dress how I feel.
  • Best Fashion Advice: Never dress to make others feel secure.
  • 3 Words That Describe your life with Fashion, Food & Fitness: Passion, Delicious, Zumba!
  • 3 Curvy Girl Summer Survival Must Haves: Sunglasses, Dresses and Sandals!!!!

Love This Pic! Thats a Swimsuit BTW…

She’s Rainbow Brite meets Pretty Woman, after Richard of course . She can go from totally outrageous to chic and coif effortlessly. The first time we met it was on set for a music video. One of my clients told me there was a girl at her job with an incredible sense of style that I HAD to meet. The next thing I knew she was assisting me on set. The rest is history and I’ve been watching her style  via Facebook ever since. 

As you can see like me my girl Mika lives for a good dress! She recommends them a as a Summer essential for curvy girls! And although for some her style may be a bit much of everything, color included, a blind man can see the girl has style. Tamika knows what works yet, she’s not afraid to be a faux pas in the name of fashion and that’s what makes a style hero!

Miss Mo We Salute You! 

3 thoughts on “Style Hero: Tamika Toler

  1. Nisa Minah says:

    Ehhhh. I only see one cute outfit and that is the first one (I have that romper)…the rest are basic. I guess I could of got on here too! She wears too much makeup and that weave, no!! could of done better. will check back for other monthly picks.

    • karimarenee says:

      @nissa thank you for checking our our blog, we appreciate your comment. We applaud Tamika on her personal style, yet we realize that everyone may not agree. We encourage you to check out our pervious Hero’s by typing Styler Hero In the search box.

  2. KaySales says:

    And Mika always had a thing for put those outfitts together and, make them work. She always had a passion for style since she was a young girl and now she is able to putt her work to play. I have to say this “Go Meek Meek…. its ur birthday!!!!!! cograts on making it, to one of the most respected talented stylist of 2012. Krystle S.

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