SMTV: 5 Ws Of Bras

In an effort to better serve and educate our clients and followers we have launched SMTV (Skinny Minority TV) our company’s’ web series dedicated to making your life easier. Up first we’re covering an issue very near and dear to our hearts, BOOBS! That’s right we’re talking breast and bras! Did you know that 90% of women wear the incorrect bra size. Did you know that there are many who wear two bras… at the same time. The answer to these question is probably no and that’s OK.  The dysfunctional relationship between women and their bras run deep. Think about it we buy shoes and handbags, things we wear sometimes less than once a month, more than we buy the very things we (must) wear EVERYDAY.  Crazy right?  Knowing this we set out on a mission to correct this one click, one bra at a time.  Watch & Enjoy! 

If you have more questions about bras please email us or comment below. Thanks for watching.

SMTV EP1 S1 5 Ws Of Bras from Karima Adkins on Vimeo.

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