Fashion: 7 Best Plus Size Dresses

When I look at my calendar I think, OMG summer is really almost over! But in all honesty we still have just about 8 weeks left. That means we still have all white parties, weddings, roof top soriees and labor event to attend where we need to look fabulous! With that in mind and all the sales at the mall I think its time we do a little shopping ladies. 

As my “get to know me” bio says I live for dresses, I love them. I believe they are the quickest and easiest way for a woman to get dressed and always be appropriate.

NOTE: Even at the playground a dress is appropriate however it does depend on two things, the dress and the woman in it. 

But this dozen plus one isn’t playground appropriate but rather… dare I say totally bold and in-appropriate. 

Our Picks: The 7 Best Plus Dress For The Rest of Summer

Rachel Pally @ $225

 I love this Rachel Pally Dress and its great for my curvy girls for many reasons.  Choose a dress like this if you…

  • Want to create/ highlight your waist
  • Slim your arms (best reason)
  • Lengthen your upper body
  • Show your neckline    

Print Ruffle Dress, $42

Ruffle dresses are definitely on trend this year and thats why I had to include this one on our list. I like that the print is sexy and adult, while when people think ruffles they think doll and little girl. This dress makes you think the complete opposite. Also the dress is 4% spandex so you will get that stretch you need and want. The print may also carry you through to Fall! We call this a win/win. Check this dress out if you…

  • Love your hips
  • Want to create the illusion of curvy hips
  • Want to try animal print
  • Have a full bust


JS Boutique, $99 @ Nordstrom.Com

This long embellished dress is perfect for a roof top cocktail party, 5 star dinner reservation or wedding. The color is great and the A-line shape is flattering to all body shapes. Short girls make sure to rock the highest heels you can with this one. Try this one for size if you… 

  • Are Supermodel Tall
  • Look good in peaches and orange tones
  • Are dying to try the Maxi Dress Trend
  • Don’t mind showing your décolletage (collar bone and cleavage) 

Forever 21, $20

Talk about a bold print, I think this dress takes he cake on our list. Now I know many of my curvies may be a tad bit nervous about rocking a print this colorful, and bright but those who are not wear it with confidence. Make no mistake this is a plus size dress so trust when I say that your curves will be well taken care of, we recommend this hot number if…

  • You are not afraid to me the center of attention
  • Love you legs
  • Want to try animal print
  • Are comfortable wearing a body con dress
The “High-Low” , $22 @ Forever 21

 Forever 21 made the list twice…

One of the biggest trends in fashion right now is the “high-low” hemline. If you take a look at this picture there’s really no need to explain it. This dress is great because it emcompasses trends but its also in a way timeless and but of course curve friendly. From the cute cap sleeve, defined waist and high-low hem this dress does it all. Go buy now if you…

  • Love tribal print
  • Aren’t a fan of sleeveless
  • Are curious about the high-low hem
  • Needs a new casual dress

Calvin Klein, $168 Nordstrom

Our  Summer Dress list  would be lacking if we didn’t include a floral option for you ladies.  However, we didn’t want the flowers to be overbearing or look like wall paper. This dress was just the right mix of flowers and Monet. So this Calvin Klein dress we can we say about it that the picture doesn’t already. Its lightweight,versatile and best of all its purple, lol.

Choose this pick if…

  • You only kinda like florals
  • Are looking for a piece you can dress up or down
  • Want the option to belt to not to belt
  • Are not comfortable with you belly jelly or thighs

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