Food: Lite’n Up Your BBQ Menu

Happy July4th aka Independence Day! As a self proclaimed foodie, one thing I look forward to about summer is the food, specifically barbeque! On the other hand its also hot, too hot to eat anything but ice cream or italian ices. But being the rachel ray pioneer woman that I’am I decided to show my other foodies, curvies and fellow Americans a better way to BBQ!

1. Swap The 2nd Meat:  1 Burger or Hot Dog is enough. Instead of piling on the protein with an extra chicken/beef kabob swap it for a fruit kabob. Lighter, brighter, sweeter. Tip: Melons, Strawberries, Pineapples and Grapes work best. 

We Like This Line @ Target

2. Say No To Mayo!: Many of the side salads that are traditional BBQ Favs are loaded with Mayo. A few years ago, just on a whim, I decided to make a salad that used as little mayo as possible. Luckily it was a hit! From then on I started making my salads without Mayo all together. So what so I use instead… EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and vinaigrette. Whether you decide to make your own or buy it in a bottle they truly make all the difference. TIP: Want to lite’n up even more use a combination of grilled veggies to build your salad. We Suggest, asparagus, bell peppers, corn, tomatoes  and zucchini. 

3. Up The Fish Factor:  Instead of traditional beef steaks why not tuna or salmon? If you like fish i say go for this. Fish can be just as flavorful other “meats” and with your special blend of seasoning you will be minimzing the calories but maxizming the taste. TIP: You can also use the vinaigrette you make for your salad as a marinade for salmon, tuna or chicken.  

4. Ditch The Soda: Soda is honestly sugar in a can, while it  taste good there are always better options for you, your family and friends. Case in point Aguas Frecas! What is Aguas Frecas? Translation fresh water, they’re all natural fruit purees aka a great alternative to soda and juice. Food Network Mag says ” they’re becoming a favorite aross the US.” 

To Make A Batch Heres What You Need 

5 cups of your favorite fruit, chopped 

3 Cups Of Water 

1/2 cup sugar (swap for agave nectar or sugar cane)

2 tablespoons lime juice (fresh limes are best and cheapest)

Blend, Sweeten to taste, pour over ice and serve! Add your favorite sparkling wine, rum or flavored vodka for grown up gatherings! For More Curvy Girl Food Solutions Tweet Us @SkinnyMinority! 

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