The Fat Of The Matter

Hey Guys Are You Ready To Celebrate Your Independence? July 4th is only a few days away & although many things have changed regarding our civil rights there’s things… like… The Great Plus Size Debate where we’re still fighting. Recently I read this quote and wanted to share it with you guys! I would normally discuss this via Twitter for our weekly Talk About It Tuesday #TAT Discussion but Please read and leave your honest comments and opinions below!

The average Australian woman is a size 16, but if you head on to the high street you’ll be lucky to find anything bigger than a 14. So what’s going on? Why isn’t someone plugging this gaping hole in the market? “There’s this bizarre mindset among some of the designers that says catering for anyone beyond a 12 is somehow damaging their brand. I cannot get my head around it,” says Georgina Safe, fashion editor of The Sydney Morning Herald. “I don’t know whether the term ‘plus-size’ is even applicable anymore because the average body shape and size for women is teetering on what would be classified as plus-size now. “There are some designers who do delve beyond a 12 or 14, but they might sell it online, they sell it quietly, almost in the outlet store. They won’t put it in their flagship designer boutiques. It’s as if it’s something that’s not to be talked about.”

So What Do You Think? Do you agree? Disagree? Share, Share Share…. Lets Talk About It! 

PS: Happy 4th Of July!!!

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