How 2: Pack 4 The Weekend

Its Vaca Time! The sun is out, kids are out of school (unfortunately) and the beach is calling! There’s only one thing people don’t like about vacationing (besides TSA) and thats packing. Packing can be a major pain in the Ain’t So Sweet! I pack a lot, whether it’s for weekend trips, over nighters or photoshoots! So what’s a girl to do this season, use our How 2 Guide for Packing 🙂

TIP: Always Lay Out All Your Items On The Bed or Floor Before Packing Them

Our 7 Simple Steps Make it Easy

1. Limit Colors: Stick with 3 colors that all compliment one another, not necessarily match. Red & Purple for example don’t “match” but they compliment. The less colors you have the more options you have for mixing and matching. 

2. Always Pack Jeans: I would normally advise to pack solid pair of demin but, colored and bold prints are very on trend this season. Don’t be afraid curvies, find the pair that works for your and rock them proud. Ours above are Ann Taylor Loft. 

3. Accessories Reign: Pack more bracelets than shoes. Many women pack way too many shoes but, its with acessories where theres not limit. Belts, Bangles, Rings you name it, they all have the amazing ability to go with most of what you pack all while giving you options and transforming your outfits. 

Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Ann Taylor Loft, Dior

4. 3 Pairs Of Shoes Only: Thats all you need! And one pair should already be on your feet. I’m loving wedges right now so for summer I would recommend: 1 pair of wedges, flats & flat sandals. During colder months I would recommend 1 pair of pumps and 1 pair or boots or booties.

5. Dresses Necessary: 1 Piece, 2 looks! Thats why you must pack a dress. When packing a dress always think of a few things: fabric, length, occasion. Thinking of this will help you make the best choice and eliminate what doesn’t work. 

6. Wild Card Item: I love this skirt, I wore it recently on a trip to the bahamas. It was perfect for vacationing and island life. Its full, bright, bold…wild. You never know what plans may come you way, so plan for the unexcpected with a piece you can dress up or down. 

My Favorite Skirt This Summer From Wearhouse Boutique


7. Be Prepared: I carry this stuff where ever I go!

Each Under $20

These stain fighters and fabric refreshers from @Nordstrom work wonders. Whether vaca-ing or not these are my staples. I use them to wash my lingerie, workout clothes and anything that says “hand wash.”  If you frequent stores like Forever 21 or Fashion to Figure these will keep your purchases looking new.  So if you need to wear  something twice skip the washer and the fabrezee and try these. 

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