My Life: Fashion Food Fitness 002

It’s summer time and as always we are super busy. We’re finally about to launch our online store, we’re also revamping our main website plus and most importantly we are now doing webisode videos!!!!! Not to mention whats going on in our lives beyond the brand, lol.  However while not working we’ve been eating well (ice cream included), rocking all things Ann Taylor and doing more indoor fitness activies! Take a look!

Pumpkin Market Cafe is one of my favorite places to eat in Philly. So far my favorite items on their menu is there Breakfast Burrito shown on the bottom left. If your ever in Philly you must try this place. 

Breakfast | Lunch| Dinner

I couldn’t figure out what to wear  to the Dex Digital Small Business Leaders Forum. One of my idol’s Melinda Emerson aka @smallbizlady spoke on the panel and I had to make a lasting impression. So I asked our Instagram followers what I should wear and they unanimously choose the Hot Pink dress on the right. 

Skirt vs. Dress

Given To Me By Melinda Emerson @SmallBizLady

Entrepreneur? Powerchick in the making? Join us for #smallbizchat this and every Wednesday night via Twitter @ 8PM (EST). 

When Living Social sent me an alert for 5 indoor rowing classes I knew I had to buy this deal. 5 classes, which are normally valued at $99 for only 25! I can’t wait to go, I can feel the burn as we speak. Who’s with me? Live Fit! 

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