Race Street Pier Swag

I get inspiration from everywhere! Magazines, TV, Blogs you name it. Most recently I’ve been inspired by The Brooklyn Blonde.

Not to copy one, I added my own twist to this look, I added my Philly to her Brooklyn. So this past weekend my brother and I headed to Race Street Pier on the Waterfront to catch my swag.

Curves On The Pier

I’m wearing a denim jacket from Gap (2003), Blouse from The Limited, Skirt from Fossil, Shoes From ShoeMint, Bag from Henri Bendel. 

The Ben Franklin Bridge

Curvies, don’t be afraid to rock a circle skirt. The volume is actually great for us as long as its balanced. Nip the waist and your body will rock! Also try a jacket, fitted blazer or cardigan. Whatever way you choose to do it just Embrace Fashion”

Accessories are always fun, I normally like to keep them minimal, chic and powerful. This color bomb necklace below I purchased from Forever 21 last year and I feel in love immediately. Doesn’t it scream summer carnival. 


The Perfect Pair

 Pictured above are my Kathyrn Nude Pumps by ShoeMint!

 I love this Jacket, I got it my freshmen year of college. Its the only denim jacket I own. Its super stretchy, and most of all I love the curved hem lines and seams they match MY curves perfectly.

C Is For Curves

Race Street Pier is the newest on the Waterfront, its great for just about anything but, taking pictures! No sooner than after our first few shots security approaches with non sense about permits. I’m like I’m a blogger not a model! He didn’t bug us for long just asked us to wrap it up soon and not to get caught again. That was that was that and so we headed to the city. 


Walking The Line

Until Next Time

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