Best-friend Contracts

Us gals have a few best friends, diamonds, our boobs and shoes! I love shoes which is why I have accounts with Shoedazzle, Just Fab, Sole Society & now Shoe Mint! I know I have an addiction but at prices like these I would say I have my addiction under control. I have yet to buy shoes from all of these companies however, recently I’ve been making a few purchases from Shoe Mint.


In case your not familiar with the brand, its a company owned by Steve Madden and endorsed by Rachel Bilson. Like other shoe clubs, you sign up, fill out your shoe profile and each month you get an exclusive price for all the shoes in your private showroom.

I’ve recently added 2 new pairs from Shoemint to my collection, meet my new best friends Erica & Kathryn!

Erica (currently sold out & also comes in black) is a super cute  and fun wedge that is perfect for the Summer. Standing at 5″ tall with a full 1″ 1/2 platform. They are also an amazing pairing for mini skirts and maxi dresses.

Me Rocking Erica

Kathryn is the polar opposite, she’s closed toe, and a definitley more conservative yet, equally as hot. 

Kathryn In Nude

I love these shoes they’re classic, tall and make your legs look amazing! They’re all a girl could need and more from a shoe. Check out what’s in my showroom!

I’ve been purchasing from shoe clubs like Shoe Mint for over 2 years now and my experience has been pretty good  but I have had some ups and downs, specifically with Shoe Mint. So if your thinking about joining here are a few things to consider:

  1. Their monthly fee policy, some of the companies have done away with them but Shoe Mint has a monthly fee of $79/mo if you don’t  “skip”  the month by the 5th.
  2. Their return/exchange procedures. 
  3. Your shoe budget, not all clubs are created equal, Shoe Mint for instance is $79/ pair.

So see anything you like? Have sugguestions for what I should buy next? Drop me a note below! Happy Shopping Guys!


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