Style Hero: Candace Belle

As you know us Skinny Minority Girls like to be as active as possible so recently we decided to climb…again.  Only this time it didn’t include rocks or hills or steps but, shoes, handbags and bangle bracelets. And just like climbing Plymouth Rock it was exhilarating, like accomplishing a long term goal yet, this was more like finding an amazing treasure.
When reading the about section of Candace Belle’s blog she ask her readers to climb with her, extending an invitation for them to watch her style evolve and experience fashion. Being the fashion addicts that we are, we jumped to the challenge or rather climbed it, lol. Now here is your chance, Meet June Style Hero Candace Belle, The Style Climber…
  • Age: 31
  • Location: Queens, NY
  • Alma Mater: SUNY Old Westbury
  • Occupation: Corporate banking professional/ fashion blogger/creator of personal style blog The Style Climber
  • Little Know Fact: I have always toyed with the idea of being a model and now I get to express that through my blog
  • Fashion Must Haves: A great statement bag and shoes.
  • Lifestyle: I love to be in the company of good people. I enjoy special moments with stimulating conversations 
  • Personal Style:  My style consists of classy, sophisticated, sexy, and playful looks
  • Best Fashion Advice: A great woman taught me that nothing is never too expensive or unattainable to acquire. Saving for a month, 6 months or a year, and finally making that special purchase will make you feel spectacular and you will never regret it!
  • Favorite Item in Your Closet: This is  such a tough question, but I would definitely say my Tory Burch Reva Leopard Flats. 
 Besides her obvious great personal style what I loved about Candace was her story, her obsession with fashion is deeply rooted. Mama Belle (candace mom) was a seamtress and dressed Candace and her sister in frilly dresses like 2 sweet American Girl Dolls. My mom also had a mean sew game and made all her dresses when she was younger, unfortunately I never got the chance to wear any of her designs. When fashion past times are past down thru generations it gives a gal more personal style than a stylist ever could. No shade to my fellow stylist but real personal style, well is personal. 

” I want to evolve by taking risks and stepping out of my comfort zone.”

“My love for fashion stretches all spectrums of a closet(s) budget” said Candace.  We love that! Having the ability to make $3 look like $300 is a strong point for any fashion gal. But Candace, isn’t just a fashion girl, she’s a Style Climber, and most importantly is our Style Hero!

 We Salute You!

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