Curvy Girls The Glass Is Half Full 007

I (we) study the art and symmetry of curvy women’s bodies. From apple to hourglass we here at Skinny Minority truly make it our business to understand the challenges of our readers, supporters,  and followers… in essence you! Also let’s not forget that we ourselves are CURVY GIRLS! 

Recently I’ve been shopping at Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft. As a former employee of the brand (several years ago) I’m pretty familiar with the brand. I love how they are they are keeping up with the trends of fashion while still holding true to there their identity. While most people think they are all business, I’m here to dispel that myth and show you that they are more bold basics than corporate boardroom.

Kate Hudson’s Ann Taylor Favorites

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect colored jeans; first there was Fashion to Figure but shopping wasn’t in my budget. Then there was New York & Co another missed opportunity. Finally ATL to the rescue, hopefully. They had so many gorgeous colors and prints I didn’t know where to start. But before I decide to purchase pants/bottoms there are 3 things I check: Stretch, Rise & Hardware.

  • Stretch: I have thick thighs and my hip measurement is about 48/49 so having maximum stretch is essential. I always read the label first 4% is ideal but sometimes 2% will do. From there I actually pull the pant seams at the hip to test the amount of stretch. More is better.
  • Rise: My name is Karima and I have Belly Jelly, lol! I don’t wear low rise/rider bottoms. They are simply not for me and make my jelly look more like jello and I don’t like that. I’m a mid-rise or high waist girl.
  • Hardwear: The hardwear on your clothing and accessories are as follows; buttons, zippers, stones, jewels buckles and other other metals. The hardwear on these items can either upgrade or downgrade the look of the item. Cheap hardwear = a cheap look. Recently, Ann Taylor and ATL have upgraded their hardwear especially there zip closures.

Here Are Their Cropped Pants Online

Here are some of the amazing colors that they have. These pictured above are all their unique cuts: Marisa, Modern, Julie & Curvy! I just so happened to buy Modern & Marisa cuts.

Turquoise Perhaps?

This turquoise color is tropical and remains me of spring. This cut is the Modern Cropped cut. Even though I’m short (5’2) I wish they were a bit longer. They have 2% stretch and fit pretty comfortable.

Karima In The Modern Cut, 14

I LOVE LOVE LOVE  THIS PRINT.  Its so fun to me! I wanted to show you my body (36-34-48) wearing some of the different cuts. This is the Modern Straight cut. They have 3% stretch, lowest rise (i’m short waist in the back so they fit me fine) all belly jelly is tucked in, and the hardware is great.

Bright Colors & Bold Prints

All together I purchased these pants and I also got a turquoise tank! The spotted pants on the right are inspiring me to channel Miss Solange Knowles! I can not wait to do an outfit post wearing these! Curvy girls do not be afraid to wear bold colors on the bottom. Don’t shy away from prints and always remember to embrace fashion!

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