My Life: Fashion Fitness Food

Color Blocking & PolkaFASHION

Wednesday 4pm Shopping in Ann Taylor.  ” I love this colorful polka dot cardigan it makes me feel so amazing when I wear it! I purchased it from forever 21 about 2 months ago. I don’t remember how much it was but definitely less than $25. Its now a fav in my closet” 


May 3rd 2012 My Closet. ” Since moving back to philly from brooklyn my closet has gotten smaller believe it or not I used to use a sun room in my apartment as my shoe and bag closet. What you see pictured here is about 50% of my shoes. The boxes with the yellow post its are going for donation and swaps!”


Saturday May 5th 10am! If you’re a regular here on SMB than you know bracelets are my thing.” I wore these to my bf’s graduation and had to snap a quick pic. From left to right (forever21, arden b, ann taylor park slope bk) The   black and pink ones I got for $1 each from some crappy eyebrow threading place. Note brow and bracelets dont mix” 

The Way 2 A Man’s Heart

Thrusday May 3rd 9pm.These are basil and marsala marinated lamb chops.”Since I was a kid I’ve been obessed with cooking. I’m such a foodie! I try my best to make eating healthy a part of my lifestyle. These were requested by my mom and just happen to be my bf’s favorite food” 

Late Lunch @ California Pizza Kitchen

Thursday April 19th 3:45pm. Mojito & Dumplings. ” After an interesting day where I skipped breakfast here is what I ended up eating as my first meal of the day. The mojito was horrible but the dumplings where good. I also had a salad which is not pictured.” 

Coconut, Chocolate & Strawberry

Tuesday May 1st 8:45pm. Happy Birthday to one of my best friends! “I love Buddakan which is an upscale asian restaurant. I’ve been going every Restaurant Week for the past two years!  This time I went to Celebrate my good friend on his birthday! I had the short rib he had the shrimp; He had the cake and I had sorbet! The trio was fruity and rich at the same time. I’m not a chocolate girl   by default but it was very rich and had to be mixed with the other flavors to create balance. However I would definitely reorder!” 

Such A Beautiful Day

Sunday April 15th 2pm. Walking truly is the best exercise. ” When I need to drop extra weight gained I hit the pavement before I go to the gym. Yes I’m loving jogging but you have to walk before you jogg. Every chance I get I take my aunt’s dog on a long walk, for TJ’s benefit and mine.” 

Monday April 30th.As you know our online store will be opening very soon. Here is our first look at our new workout tank? Do you like her? We think she makes quite a statement” Say it loud I’m Curvy & I’m Proud!”

This is just my life at a glance. Outfit Post Coming Soon. Pinky Swear!

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