FOOD: When Good Goes Bad

As a self proclaimed foodie I’m a bit ticked! I really dislike nasty food! I know you guys are probably saying Yea who doesn’t! But for me and other foodies out there its like a bad blind date! I mean sometimes food is more than just food its about the experience and personally I just want my experience to be delicious!

By default I have a pretty adventurous palette and  I’m always attempting to eat healthier and so sometimes a trip to the market can be costly in more ways than one. Recently, I tried So Delicious greek style yogurt.  So Delicious is a dairy free thick greek style yogurt made from cultured coconut milk. Ambitous I know but let me give you the facts I had going in…

I love yogurt, and have tried greek style before
Love almond milk and have been dying to try coconut milk since fellow foodie Rachel Ray gushed about it
Strawberry is the go to yogurt flavor for most and its my favorite ice cream flavor

So I grabbed just one container and hoped for the best. Excited to share the results with you tried it for breakfast the next day and as you can guess from the title things didn’t go so good, lol.

Heres The Good

– Nice packaging
– Thick consistency
– Delicious smell

And Heres The Not So Good 

– Gritty texture
– Chalky taste

Gritty Texture

Lesson learned is that for me So Delicious isn’t so delicious! However, for me this apple won’t spoil the bunch or dampen my adventurous spirit. I encourage you all to take risk with food, awaken your palette’s, fill your tummy , and stock your fridges!!!!

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