FASHION: Spring Trend Report/Curves Edition

Trend Report

I’m not sure how many of you know but every week, every wednesday I host an online radio segment The Fashion Fix on power On the show we talk everything celebs, news, and of course trends! Recently I’ve been doing more trend reporting on the show and I wanted to share that with you but. with a slight twist this is the Curvy Girl Edition. 

There are 3 main trends that curvy girls should embrace this spring & summer : Bikinis, Stripes & Neon Colors 

1. The Dreaded 2 Piece Swimsuit aka Bikini– I know many of you may be thinking NO NO NO NO! Lets think positive ladies we can do this. The key rocking to this trend is what I call the nip and tuck. This means that your breast should be neatly tucked in your top  with ZERO spillage. Also your stomach (or belly jelly as we say here at Skinny Minority) should be nipped at the waist with a high waisted panty, exhibit A

Gabi Greggs, Curtsey Of

Sarah, Curtsey of Queen Sized

2. Stripes To Rock Or Not To Rock? – Miss. Stacey London once said stripes on the widest part of your body is like placing a tape measure around and saying ” look how wide I’m.” Well I don’t know about you but, I have carried that thought with me for years.  Being a stylist I know that stripes aren’t always the most flattering on any body shape but, sometimes you just have to embrace something different! It also didn’t hurt to see Jay rocking this rainbow serbert skirt.

Jay Miranda, Curtsey of

3. Bigger Brighter, Neon – I don’t know about you but all I want right now is a pair of stretchy bright neon skinnies! I’m seriously on a hunt these days. I love love love a good pair of super soft uber stretchy jeans. When shopping  for neon items just remember that the brighter the more fabulous.

Soraya, Curtsey Of

Are you ready to dispel a few myths? What about rocking stripes or a two piece on the beach? Let us know what plans you  have for your summer wardrobe! No matter if you plan to try something new or rock an oldie but goodie, we hope to inspire to always embrace fashion & your curves 🙂

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