FITNESS: Go Vertical Bedrock

As you know  I’m on a mission to be more active. So this past week I tried Zumba (I know I’m late) and Rock Climbing!!!! Zumba was great but, it didn’t compare to the exhilarating rush of rock climbing!

Go Vertical Philly

The idea to try rock climbing came from a Meetup Group I just recently joined so I cant take the credit for such a brilliant idea. Go Vertical is a new indoor rock climbing facility by the Columbus blvd street pier in Philadelphia. It was pretty cool inside, one room full of both straight and oddly shaped walls decorated with what looked like fruity pebbles.  I was joined with 4 other ladies, Dedire, Amy, Donna & Sabrina. This was our first time indoor rock climbing and I believe we were all excited, anxious, and  a bit nervous (at least I was).

The Beginning

The first wall which was adjacent to this one pictured above,  I simply could not do! I know what you maybe thinking but this is not an easy feat. However, I didn’t necessarily want this to be easy I came for a challenge! Wall 2 was for beginners but hello, thats what I’am! Needless to say wall 2 was better and more manageable, not easier but manageable. The rocks were bigger and therefore better to handle, stand on and grip.

Midway Struggle

This is one of the hardest physical challenges I’ve attempted in my life yet it was one of the most fun! For some of the ladies it seemed to be second nature for others  (like myself) not so much. I can definitely attest that doing this with other people made the experience even more exciting, as we all supported one another and cheered each other on. At one point I mentally became stuck and our instructor suggested I’d take a break which was cool, so I just kinda dangled for awhile.  Then I moved on and ended up here..

Wow! Almost at the top

I was so proud of myself and I can not wait to do this again. After gaining some cool points with myself I mustered up enough confidence to do another wall. I started out great, slipped and couldn’t find my “rhythm.” All in all it was an amazing experience and I definitely recommend trying this out. This is a great activity for friends, co-workers and families! Yes, rock- moms its a cool idea for an afternoon with your kids, this facility has a children’s area.  So who’s up for giving this a try? If yes, then check out these facts I learned while climbing.

1. There is no maximum weight requirement

2. You actually use your leg strength more than your arms, although your arms will feel the burn

3. Signing up for a class will help you learn the correct techniques to master various wall levels

4. Rock climbing is one of the most calorie-consuming fitness exercises out there. The calories burned while rock climbing rival many more commonly employed workout routines, such as running, cross-country skiing, and bicycling. A person weighing between 155-205 can burn anywhere from 774-1024 per hour! 

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