PowerChick: Christina Mendez


POWERCHICK? Yes thats right Powerchick! A Powerchchick is defined as, A female whose ambition converts into success; who relentlessly works on turning her dreams into reality. 

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Deeply rooted in entertainment Christina Mendez is the grand-daughter of meringue King Joseito Mateo and so she was born to be extraordinary. A big dreamer from childhood, she has always wanted to be a model and in 2006 her dream came true. Now in between casting calls,  she’s an activist for autism awareness, crawls after her 8 month old daughter,  and attends a Yankee Game whenever she can! Its Fun, its hectic, its challenging, its life in the fab line!

Well, we’ve been tailgating Christina since her debut on BET’s Rip The Runway (a few years back) so, when we got the opportunity to meet her at New Jersey’s Full Figure Fashion Week last month we were truly beside our selves. Beautiful, gracious and powerful  are words that come to mind when we think of Christina.  Heres what Christina had to say about being a Powerchick, a title which she humbly accepts …

” I’m known for creating my own path in my career and because of my strong will and determination I’ve been able to succeed in what I want to do.”

 Currently located in New York, Christina spent some time living in Atlanta, Ga while she attended Morris Brown College.

” Before I was a model I worked as a project manager for a major telecommunications firm”

“I am a little obsessed with shoes, I can stay in a shoe store for hours admiring the structure of each shoe. I am a fan of old school hip- hop. I‘m an avid fan of the Yankees”

“The best advice I’ve ever received is let go and let God. I was and at times I still battle with stress. I am very hands on with my career and personal life and all that pressure can stress ANYONE out. But time and time again when I finally let things go…the outcome is always 1000 times better.”
“As a mom I wear NO MAKEUP, I dress in yoga wear and usually a baseball hat (Yankees preferably). I try to look and feel comfortable because I have an active 8 month old and a 15 year old . As a model I wear 5+ inch heels!”

“I think the sexiest thing a man can wear is a tailored suit. Everyman needs a custom tailored suit that fits in all the right places. Yummy!!! “

Well said Miss Mendez & We Could Not Agree More! To contact Christina be sure to follow her via Twitter @ChristinaMendez! For all other inquiries please visit her site Christina Mendez.

 Powerchicks is one of our newest blog series written to inspire our readers to be powerful as women, do what they love and never settle for less!

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