What I Wore: Philly Divas Brunch

Lately I have been quite the little social butterfly, networking events, dinner dates, and of course brunches!!! This past Sunday I had the best time at my first Philly MeetUp with the Philly Diva Socialites. It was a new memebers brunch at Distrio’s. This place was uber cute! 

In The Foyer

Brunch was set for 11AM and if you know me you know I’m not an early riser luckily I had pre mediated an outfit.  I wanted to do casual my way …which normally includes jeans or currently knit pants, a soft tee and a blazer.  This time I went a little different. 

Love On Top

Spots & Pop

My jeans are high waisted  skinnies by Indie that a brought awhile ago from Urban Outfitters. My top is knit and a size large from Forever21 (current).  I think it cost around $17. FYI this is not from their plus line. Just because we are curvy and/or plus doesn’t mean we can not give things a try! I normally don’t shop at Forever21 but, I shop anywhere if the floor-set/merchandising calls out to me!

These jeans have a story behind them. The first time I wore them I fell down an entire flight of steps going to the train in brooklyn heading to the city.I scrapped my knee and ripped my jeans! Hence the rip! My knee still bares the scare but my jeans are still cute…

Here’s the back of the top. I’m not always crazy about exposed zipper but here it works, I like.

Now how about that Arm Candy.  If you read the blog enough or follow me on Twitter you know I love bangles and bracelets! They are my favorite accessory.

I wore these must have earrings… they are from LoveCoture.com

Brunch was great! I really enjoyed meeting this group of women and brunch was delicious! Both the food and decor will have me coming back for seconds but, next time I want to sit here…

Specials shoutout to all the Philly Diva’s Out There! 

Thanks for readings, xoxox

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