Retail Score: Urbane Bootiliciousness

I’m one of those girls that likes to be beautiful from the inside out. And when I say inside I mean I like to wear nice underwear but, its not just that I like it I love it, the lacier the better!

Gabe Feels My Pain

I’ve been in quite the panty rut lately as I like to update my collection every so often. However since my booty (amongst) other things has expanded I just can’t run to vickys and get a quick 3 for $30. And as it always seems other stores like Nordstorm and Intimacy always seem to be out of my size or wayy too expensive. If I’m paying $70 or more for the bra, $30-$50 for a single pair of panties is a #fail!

However on a recent trip to Urban Outfitters I found a secret panty heaven. Normally I would NEVER look in a store like this for underwear beacause I can barely fit their apparel but,    I ‘m so glad I did.

Heres what I found, and guess what they were having a sale, so I also got an additional 30% off!

Its Time 2 Put On The Big Girl Panties

I talk about the importance of sexy beautiful lingerie constantly on my radio segment The Fashion Fix. It seems as if women of all ages refuse to grasp the concept that it all starts with luxurious under garments or as we like to say as stylist foundation pieces!

Note: They are called foundation pieces for a reason they set the tone of  both your outfit and your bedroom (wink, wink). 

From Top 2 Bottom (Vickies, Nordstorm, Urban Outfitters)

As I stated above I used to love the Victoria Secect “Cheeky” cut which is at the top of the picture above. They are panty line free, sexy, comfy and make your butt look amazing, especially if your booty is bottom heavy like mine. For now those days are over, I have booty now and noticeably more belly jelly, lol.

Lets do a more accurate comparison…

Exhibit A

Notice the skinner crotch, it almost looks like a thong but its not, I promise. Also the panty line is cut higher like a french cut brief (remember those?) yet thats what make it cheeky! 

– I don’t have to go into detail here you see the fullness of the other panty which is also a cheeky.

Exhibit B

Personally I only wear a “cheeky cut panty and for the most part 99.6% of all my panties are lacy. Thats just me! I don’t do the boyshort thing, they create wedgies, I don’t fancy bikinis too much they aren’t sexy enough and thongs are pretty much a no go! To sum things up here are some tips when shopping for pretty “little” under things!

  1. Like with most things look for stretchy fabric
  2. Avoid restricting/taunt waist bands, they create rolls and/or muffin top
  3. Keep it Sexy
  4. Don’t over pay for panties (use your discretion)
  5. Buy the correct size! If belly jelly hangs over the waist band they are too small curvy girls!
  6. When trying a new style to check the fit take the waist of panty and wrap around your neck, if both ends meet with EXTRA ROOM TO SPARE they fit. If they are JUST touching THEY DO NOT FIT

Special shout out to Urban Outfitters for keeping us avergae consumers somewhat in mind, lol! I look forward to making another panty purchase soon.

In the mean time if you have questions, comments or concerns drop me a line via email, twitter or the comments section below.

Thanks 4 Reading 

2 thoughts on “Retail Score: Urbane Bootiliciousness

  1. Liz says:

    I would have never guessed to look at Urban! Like you, I can only fit into their tops (bottoms/jeans are a no go). I usually get mine from the Gap because Vicky’s have that elastic that’s not so flattering. After this though, I think I’m going to check Urban out! Love this post!-JMF

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