Retail Review: Fashion To Figure

Hey Guys… so after one of my clients informed me that a new plus size girl store was in a nearby mall I decided to make it my business to check them out. Now she did tell me that the store was Fashion to Figure which I’d heard of before but, I had never purchased anything from them.

So Excited (Cherry Hill, NJ Location)

Now I must admit that at first glance, I wasn’t over joyed. I mean I’m a fashion girl so I’m looking to gasp! Anyway I decided to give the store a chance and so I took my time and really dug into this brand. 

What Do You Ladies Think?

The more I looked around, I noticed that the things I liked the most were their dresses. And so I picked up  few and headed to the dressing room. By the way since the majority of their fabrics have tons of stretch their sizing goes from 1X-3X. Also I loved how they write your name on the door of your dressing room, it was a great touch.


I loved this dress on the rack but not so much on me. I love a peplum and i’m obsessed with polka dots which is why I was initially drawn to the dress. I also like that although the dress has stretch taunt. This fabric was amazing it fit my body nicely but it also held up my curves which I love, which is what you want has a curvyplus girl.  

Bootilicious, No?

Heres my fav thing about the dress the back. Why? Busty girls like me never get to show this much back without also showing back fat! I really dislike my back fat and the wide side panels of the sleeve hide all that which for me was amazing.

Notice none of my bra is showing and yes I have on a 4 hook & eye bra. However, the bra sits in the middle of my back, and does not move. If your bra is hiked or rides up your back you are wearing the wrong size bra my love.

Moving on to Dress #2

Another Peplum

This dress looks the same but is actually quite different. Its a solid color to start. Its also has a belt. I’m not a fan of skinny belts on bigger body frames. Say what you want about trends and such but as you can see this belt on me looks like my body is eating it, lol. Basically its throwing off the proportions. If you have no belly jelly then you may be  able to get away with it. However, as a stylist I always follow the logistics of proportions.


Look at that booty, haha! FYI on this weeks Fashion Fix men rated a “nice booty” as the 5th most sexiest thing about a woman. To hear the entire list, listen to the show here

Girl You Look Good, Back That Thang Up

Heres what  else I’m not loving about this dress. The fit for one thing. This material is much looser than the prior one. In some ways /places it was baggy, not so good for my curves. Also the peplum is longer and I think it gives me more of a tummy than I actually have. I do like the exposed zipper, which I’m normally not a fan of…

Overall it was a cool experience, I really enjoyed taking these pictures for you guys. I think the brand is great for the curvy fashionista on a budge each dress cost $36. My favorite items hands down are their dresses, yet they fall flat with jackets and tops. I’ll defintely be stopping back to see what they have for spring and summer, ya’ll know I love a good dress!

Have you guys shopped at FTF? Have you ordered from them online? How was your experience and what items have you purchased? Hit us up in the comments section, or on Twitter @skinnyminority.

7 thoughts on “Retail Review: Fashion To Figure

  1. LeeAnn says:

    Hey! Excited to see u checked out the store I told u about! I also like their dresses more than their sports wear…the tops don’t have a nice tailored fit and the skinny jeans I got slide down all day when I wear them…annoying! But I bought this hot black dress with 80’s pointy shoulders (I stuffed them with tissue for drama LOL) and I always get complimented. They also have funky costume jewelry…no size required! I’ll definitely be back. Thx for the tips! Ps I love Alissa’s look in the Pop of Color and So Pretty pics …can u help me find it??

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