My Week In Pictures

This past week was a pretty busy week for me, it started with pulling looks for my client soon to be Pop Star @GregMachadoNy!

Greg Machado

Here’s what I wore on day one of shopping for his video which we shot last Thursday at the Manhattan Center in NYC.

Homemade Necktie

As you all know I’m addicted to bangles and bracelets so heres my Instagram of my armcandy…

Arm Candy

Heres what I wore on Day 2, btw I know the picture is blurry but care with a sista! LOL!

Earth Colors & Military Jackets

When I shop for  a shoot I always visit Target & Marshalls they always great things to keep my kit well stocked. However, I found these cute shoulder bags during this trip. They are definitely on trend for the upcoming season and you guys know I love color. 

Rainbow Color Bags @ Target

I don’t know if you can see but, these babies are only 24.99 not bad if I must say so myself. Over at Nordstorm i found my next splurge.

Vince Camuto

Can my fashion dolls guess which one I want?  Anywho by Thursday I was ready to work and we were on our way to NYC. On our way to the studio look what I found. Fashionistas brace yourseleves…

My Version Of "Toys R Us"

OMG! I live in New York for Years and I NEVER Knew of this place I feel cheated! Raise your hands if you frequent Universal News! Anyway just round the corner we begin to make history and dreams came true.

Working With @ GregMachado

 Greg is one of my favorite clients, besides that fact that he is super talented and can fit anything he is so humble and just an over all amazing person! Follow him @GregMachadoNy and lookout for his mixtape “Who Is Greg Machado.”

Well that was my week, what did you guys do this weekend? Shop, Spa, Relax? Share your thoughts below and comment!


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