Essence & Salutations

Hey Ya’ll

Sooo I received the most amazing emails this weekend both from clients 🙂 Yay! I love when clients email me about jobs, upcoming projects and of course their style journey. It was pretty ironic that I received both emails on Sunday. The first was from a client I have in jersey she is a fashion doll that was referred to my by a makeup artist I’ve worked with in the past. She reached out to me to tell me about her fashion journey in 2011. This email made my day because she let me know that I inspire her. It always amazes me when people say I/ skinny minority inspires that it lets me know that I’m dong the right thing. Here she is expressing her holiday style. 

Check out my client

Look at My Fashion Dolls

My other client and I recently did his press shoot and the photographer we shot with loved his looks so much she used it for her street style piece for

Mr. Marvin Hickman

This shoot was so much fun. Its really interesting because lately I’ve been getting a lot of male clientele. I have to say I’m loving it.


Well thats all.. for now. Once I have all all pictures i will post the link to my portfolio, or you can just go there now!

Thanks for reading, Chao!

Pssss.. The Fashion Fix is all new for 2012 this week. Every week, Every Wednesday! 

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