Its a Blue Blue World

It all started with this picture…

Miss SJP aka Carrie Bradshaw...Preston

Look at those tights! Oh Yes, I was in love it was instant. Everyone knows that bright bold opaque tights are very on trend right now for the fabulous and fashionable. So, I took it upon myself to show my curvies how we can rock the trend.

It was getting so cold outside! We’ve had all these “perfect weather “days here in Philly and I pick today to do a quick outfit post shoot. As you can see these pictures are better than the ones from the previous outfit post… because these were taken with my brothers awesome camera! He’s home from school and I had to take advantage.

Check Out My New Dr. Yanny Bag via Henri Bendel

I was going for a 1960’s vibe all due to the amazing fock dress my honey’s at Wearhouse Boutique gifted me for the holidays 🙂 It reminded me of Twiggy & London, I couldn’t wait to wear it.

Please excuse the wrinkles in my dress, I had it on for about 4 hours at that point. Anyway, the dress is vintage and I love it, sorry guys not even a tag in the dress. Its light, its easy, the perfect length, and  uber versatile. It was the perfect addition to my closet. Check out the collar…  I love little details. Earrings from Topshop

My coat is a wool trench I got from Banana Republic last year. Shoes are Stewart Weitzman,  I got them on sale at Saks summer before last! I love wearing them in the Fall with thick black or navy socks. 

Speaking of socks I got my luscious hosiery from We Love Color an amazing website with a rainbow bright catalog of stockings, tights and sock choices. They cost me $15 and were worth every cent. I purchased two pairs, these and a wine colored pair. I must say the color was on point. Also to my surprise they offer PLUS SIZE TIGHTS! I was thrilled to say the least. I’m a curvy gal with thick thighs and I HATE it when they get tight on my inner thighs (I purchased size a/b). However, these were amazing, they were soft to the touch, pretty warm on my legs, and super comfortable.

I used to be an Express & Donna Karen hosiery gal…now I’m all about We Love Color. Check them out curvy fashion dolls.

Thats all for now…  Thanks for reading! Until next time I hope you’ve been inspired! Ladies lets rev up the color for 2012.


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