A Day In The Life Of A Stylist: New Years Eve… Eve

Hi Guys! Its been quite a while since we had a one on one chat! May I start by saying that this year has been amazing, both personally & professionally. Yet, as a stylist first and foremost I have learned so much about myself and my brand, Skinny Minority. Most importantly, I have learned that there is much to learn about business and I was born to be a powerchick. I also learned that I need to keep my kit well stocked, Marshall’s is a stylist best friend, and my future my be in  client imaging and not editorial. Go figure!

Business is doing well, we have tons of things planned for 2012 and I’m so excited I don’t know where to begin, so I won’t (lol).

I will say that some of the most valuable things I learned as a young business woman is that choosing the right publicist is crucial, beware of web designers, read the ultra fine print and trademarking is full of hidden fees.  Please don’t let the pervious statement deter you, lol.

Through it all Skinny Minority and I are stronger and doing unbelievable things, we now have a syndicated radio segment THE FASHION FIX, we opened our showroom,  and had our first fashion show. Not to mention we made a host of new friends, Mo & Co of Wearhouse, Curran Swint of Kings KRT, Kholi of Ardor Brand, Marvin Hickman, Dominque Mckenzie, Alissa, Marie Denee, Ty Alezander and of course ALL OF YOU!

Other Chart Toppers This Year

Participating in Philadelphia Fashion Week with Macys

Being contact by Marie Claire Magazine 

Being in the Philadelphia Daily News

Working On The Logo Oct 2010

I can’t say enough about what this year has meant to me. My dreams have come true and I’m so blessed to live my life doing what I love the most, teaching women that its not about size its about style. 

We can not thank you all enough for your support and love as we grow our brand but, I would like to start by giving you this gift. 

We love you all and thank you for being apart of the Skinny Minority! Happy New Year!

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