Curvy Girls! The Glass Is Half Full 006

When did losing weight become a business? Thats the question Vogue Curvy asked their readers and the world this past week. As I walked out of Intimacy lingerie store yesterday I asked myself  a similar question, “when did losing weight be come a priority?” Well, for me it becomes a priority when I can’t fit anything in my closet, ie. when I can’t fit my jeans! Yet, even though I’m a curvy girl advocate I still like my curves to be in tip top shape. But what happens when you have 6 too many cupcakes or cookies and you don’t see the gym for months.

Well,currently I’m at that point and I need a revamp. With the new year upon us I have made some changes but, one thing I dare not change is my approach to fashion and personal style. I love fashion, its my life and I’ll be damned if I let a change in size, a few extra rolls and some narrow-minded buyer at a department store make me feel bad about myself.

Did you know that Rachel Roy (not to be confused with Rachel by Rachel Roy) goes up to a size 16!!!! I’m sure most of you did not and you will never know it shopping at department stores. Exhibit A

Love Her!

She doesn’t have a name but to those who know her she goes by Crepe Drape. Her fabric is exquisite, and her design is divine; Rachel always out does her self. She is a high mainatance type of gal retailing for $445!! Ouch! Her Cousin known as Tropical Pencil Skirt stole my heart as well. However as I skimmed the racks for available sizes, (our of curiosity no less) both topped at size(s) 10 & 12! Yet, when I got home I went online and noticed that both styles go up to size 16! That would make sense The Skinny Minority is populated by women who wear a size 14 and larger!!

Tropical Pencil Skirt | $298

Any observant consumer knows that retail makes dollars not sense. Because as I looked around at the women shopping with me I couldn’t help but notice that most of them could not “properly” fit the clothing that surrounded us. I was in the trend section but, not to be out done I went over to the womens’ section. I mean I am a woman.

There I felt welcomed believe it or not. Every label from Theroy to Vince Cumto sold 12-16! There was silk, shape and color… bright colors & stripes. Who knew! I’m not a fan of retail but, theres always a diamond in the rough! They also had a plus size section IN STORE that went up to size 26! I found the following styles to die for and down right delicious…

HOT | Adrianna Papell

Rachel Roy

I love these dresses. Check out the cut and silhouette, stunning. You can never go wrong with a black dress in the right size. 

Elle Tahari| Lust Item| $298

Size 14/16

This dress by Adrianna Papell was of my my fav’s: the colors, defined waisted and structure. However, why it doesn’t fit Trya Lynn the way it fits Crystal is beyond me, they both that fab bodies! The dress also has a good amount of stretch 🙂 Any way she retails for $138

Vince Camuto $79

I fell in love with these pants; they are tailored, soft and roomy. I got them in hot pink of course and I cant wait to wear them with my Elizabeth and James Platforms, yea! lol

Lastly I found an invisible closure blazer with premature juzzed sleeves! Too cute by Tahari Women, for $168!

A Solution to The Horrid 1 Button Blazer

The moral of the story is  just when you think the industry has boxed us curvy thick fat plus size girls out,

just remember the glass is always half full! 

PS: Here is a list of brands that higher end dept stores carry  with larger sizes

Anne Klein
Calvin Klien
Micheal Kors
Kenneth Cole

All Items shown above can be purchased online or in-store at Nordstroms.

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