Wannabe Editorial

Its been awhile since I did an outfit post… and I tried my best to make this one more creative. How did I do, lol. Lately I’ve been dressing extra cute and I wanted to share. This is my home in philly, specifically my kitchen and these are my clothes.  

Please excuse my camera, I really need a better one, this is the one on my playbook tablet. Hey its better than my phone.. I think. This past friday I wore: Red Db Breasted Jacket by Christian Dior, Sheer Polka Dot Blouse by Guess, Sienna Colored Jeggings By BD Jeans, Shoes Target. 

Yes, I’m a fashion girl, not a label whore and I rocked my Dior With my Target! Personal style at its best. I purchased the jacket from my favorite vintage boutique @wearhousephilly. They handpicked the jacket for me and I adore it, it has even traveled with me  to Atlanta on business. By the way the jacket is a size 14, did you know that Dior (vintage) came in a size 14… well now you do. I purchased her for $50. YES WEARHOUSE!

Next up accessories…. Just really quickly. I love accessories I really do but, I always consider them an invest, I will pay more for a necklace than a pair of jeans. My necklace is something I got from Nordstrom last year, Bracelets Forever 21/TracyLynn/David Yurman. 

Thats it for now. I hope you like. I’m going to try my best to give you ladies more inspiration from both my closet and retailers. Thats a goal of mine for 2012. What fashion or personal goals do you have, we’d love to know. Hit the comments section below or chat with us via Twitter @skinnyminority.

Thanks for reading, Chao! 

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