STYLE HERO: Corrinn Liche’t

Its been a little while since I’ve been inspired to feature a Style Hero on SMB but, I recently met an amazing chick who’s style can not be denied. Have you ever met someone (of the same sex) and the chemistry was instant. Something so cosmic only a higher power could have brought you two in to each others lives. Recently that person is none other than the Full Figure Diva Miss Corrinn Liche’t. If you are not familiar with that name, don’t worry your about too be. Normally I don’t like to share but, today I will, I dare not be stingy with a gift from the fashion gods…

Meet Corrinn…

Miss Corrinn Liche’t

Age: 25
Location: Philadelphia, Pa
Alma Mater: Johnson C. Smith University Charlotte, NC
Occupation: Multi-Site Youth Director/ Wear House Boutique Co-Owner
Little Known Fact: I love anything old. Vintage, antiques, etc. I often feel I was born during the wrong era.
Lifestyle: Fabulous, Larger than life and spilling over. It demands a great pair of vintage shades and a pink or red lip.
Personal Style:  I’m all over the place really! 🙂  The only thing that is consistent with my personal style is that I live for prints and fabric with structure and comfort.
Best Fashion Advice:  “always have pieces that you can wear forever”

Corrinn’s style is fun and in many ways as bright as her personality. This accessory gorger  collects and invest but never over does it with the bling. She has rules for herself but, never lets them hold her back or limit creativity. Somehow it all seems to come together effortlessly. She pairs bold colors and prints like milk and cookies, simply not having one without the other.  

I must say every time I feature a style hero its something close to my heart. Each young women is hand picked on the merits of class, power, and fabulousity. My new found friend has set the bar high for style heros to come.  As mentioned above Corrinn is not only a fashion doll but, a young and powerful entrepreneur co-owning vintage boutique Wearhouse in Philadelphia. She also has a blog, an event planning company, and not mention a daytime j.o.b. Can you say power chick in the making… I’m sure Mr. Leonard Brody would be proud. 

No one is more proud than we are and we salute you Corrinn…


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