Skinny Minority On Power 104.7

Its Fashion Fix Wednesday as it always is here on SMB. This marks only our second week at our new home Baltimore’s Power 104.7 .com and from what I hear people are loving us! Knowing your loved and that you have real fans and supporters (like you) is an indescribable feeling. If you didn’t hear last weeks show and need to catch up check it out via our Tumblr Page By Clicking Here. Although we’ve moved the show’s format is still the same, we will always bring you fashion news, celeb shenanigans, and the juiciest sex & style talk on radio.


– H&M Talks Big News For March 2010

– Cyber Monday Breaks Records

– What Cities Shop The Most

– Fashion Fool Of The Week

– Double Standards in Cross Dressing

Mabel Our Funeral Director...Chk Out That Crotch

Click Here to listen to todays show, Jay and I have a few surprises for you at the beginning and end of the show so log on now to listen. And remember we air live at 11am Every Week, Every Wednesday ONLY on Power!

Love You Guys…

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