Never Pay Full Price: Handbags @ Marshalls

This past Thursday while shopping for a client I ran into Marshalls to pick up a couple of last minute items for the shoot. However, once there we received word that my client was running late so I decided to peruse. Normally for my own personal shopping I dont particularly like Marshalls but, I do respect their handbag section.

Love at first Sight

This bag is amazing, no it is literally amazing. It was plush. soft and fabulous. It was mad in Italy (or so the tag said) by a company I had never heard of before called Aqua Madonna. They great handbags so it seems. At Marsalls now the bag is selling for $99. I would have brought bag (thats how much I loved it) but i just treated my self to the Dr. Yanny Bag at Henri Bendel. We won’t talk about what that is selling for…

Another Aqua Madonna that caught my eye was her…


I love this bag because its a great alternative to a clutch. I have a love /hate relationship with clutches. Yet, this bag can be worn on your shoulder, in your hand or elbow nook. Plus it’s snake skin print with sprakle, whats not to love. This bag is $129.

Heres the other bags I found…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you guys think of the bags? Are any of my fashion dolls loyal Marshalls shoppers? I was pleastanly surprised with what found on this Marshalls trip. Marshalls is my odds and end store but, now it may be my “I don’t have a lot of money and I need a new bag” store. LOL. Keep your fingers crossed for me and that leopard bag, but it doesn’t look good with black friday being this week and the holidays around the corner.

What new bags have you purchased this season? Check out my Dr. Yanny Bag here.

Thanks for reading loves 🙂

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