My Dysfunctional Love Affair

I know this is a fashion and lifestyle blog, but I cant help but to use this space as a place to speak to my readers about my inner most thoughts and feelings.

I have a sick addiction to Twitter, Im on there more than I’m on the toilet, which some of you may think is nasty but it is what it is, ya know.  Last year love your body spokesperson @CheneseLewis tweeted this quote, “ If you want to love yourself, stop trying to be perfect.” I immediately retweeted! The quote was attached to a link of a photo of this written on a girls stomach “ I am Enough.”  I loved it, I loved everything about it. But as I sat there in front of the computer screen I thought to myself

Yes I love this, but can I be this, can I live this, can I love my real self more than my imaginary self

And no I’m not crazy, but everyone has an imaginary self. Its not like the self that is your best friend when you’re four. Nor is it the type of self that is phony, fronts or puts on airs. It is simply the self who wishes she had better skin, or bigger breast. It is also the girl that when she looks in the mirror holds her stomach in or wishes she was just a few lbs lighter or that her thighs didn’t touch. Some of us know her all too well.

I know many of you may be thinking, aren’t you the one who loves her curves and stands up for the fat girls!!! Yes, that is me, but as my idol Cher Horowitz once said “Tis a far far better thing to do stuff for other people.” So yes, I love my body, I think its damn sexy, but I also think it needs work. So again as I sit here and write, I must be honest when I say, I will probably never love my cellulite, or my back fat… sorry aint gonna happen.  But I will always love me! However,  I’m human so sometimes me and my body have a dysfunctional love affair. But as I’m learning the more spiritual I become, the more whole I become. Therefore I learn that if I am enough spiritually than I’m enough entirely! It’s a point that I’am on my way to surpassing. Slowly but surely.

Please share your thoughts below if you have any. All opinions are welcomed. Thanks for reading.

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