The headline reads “New Uses For Milk.” Milk? Well as a self proclaimed naturalista I just had to read this article. I mean I use tomatoes on face, honey and avocado in my hair, and a sweet mixture  of apple cider vinegar/lemons/lavender on my sheets. You name it I use on my hair, body or household items. But after reading this article the stylist in me perched up and I had to share the good news with you all.

So what can you use milk for? Well recently, it became the #1 choice for softening skin however, it’s always been cereals bff and tea’s soul mate. So it was my surprise when the article said it was great for removing wine stains. So if you’re at an event and you spill a little wine on a non-dry clean piece of clothing, fret not whole milk to the rescue. Just submerge into stain in milk, squeeze out excess immediately then machine wash or launder as usual.  Pretty easy I would say.  Remember to use whole or vitamin d milk only.  But the fun doesn’t stop there, heres a quick list of other New Ways to Use Milk.

  • Shoe Shine- Wet cloth with milk and  buff to perfection. Its that simple. Great for patent leather shoes.
  • Burn Soother- Cover minor burns with wash cloth soaked in whole milk . The fat clams inflammation.
  • Plant rescuer- Mix 1 part milk with 9 parts water and spray mildew spotted plants.  Repeat weekly.

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Thanks for reading.

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