We Love Wednesdays…

Playtex The 18 Hour Bra

Yup yup ya know it! We love wednesday here at Skinny Minority! Why? Well if you don’t know you will know now, because of #pressplaywed. Our Fashion Fix via Press Play Radio Airs every wednesday promptly at 4pm! This week we have a NEW SPONSOR, NEW FASHION TIPS ON HOW TO WEAR LEGGINGS & JEGGINGS, & A NEW ANNOUNCEMENT FROM US SKINNY MINORITY!  

Hot Leather Leggings, YES!

Plus our the polls were tallied and the votes were counted click here to hear “What Women Want To See Their Beau’s Rock This Fall.” Mean while you got J Marsh with this weeks sports report & SM Client Naeemah Harper debuts New Single while @Suburbanjay gets the lowdown on her Lipstick!

Na'eemah Harper

All that and more a playlist as fly and sexy as a big girls curves!


After you listen to the show, if you have something you want us to cover, or suggestions on how we can make The Fashion Fix even more fabulous, drop us a note in the comment box below. Or Tweet us @skinnyminority we’re always chatting!

Love you guys for reading and now listening! Press Play Wednesday, Lego! 

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