A Day In The Life Of A Stylist 011

What is branding? And if you do have an answer for that question, where did you get the answer. Webester, Wikipedia, Tumblr, Experience. I got my definition just last week  at a Philadelphia Collection Panel, Managing Your Brand. Last week during Philly Fashion Week I attended a few events but, the two I enjoyed the most were the panels. They were so informative and personally for me reassuring. Both panels I went to were structured around BRANDING ” Behind The Brand” & “Managing Your Brand.” 

So when when panelist Jamie  defined branding as…

 The promise of an experience. 

I immediately smiled. On this blog, on set, on twitter I want to give my audience, my client, my followers an experience, the Skinny Minority Experience. But what is that exactly? Well hopefully if you read this blog, listen to our radio segment or follow us on twitter you have an idea. The Skinny Minority Experience is chic, glamourous, warm, familiar, sexy and down to earth. Yes it’s all those things, at least we want it to be all those things. 

I love my supporters, my army of Skinny Minoritist! I love that each and every one of you have a personal connection with this brand. Therefore, when Jamie gave us that definition I felt good knowing I’m on the right track and that I’m doing something right. 

I continue to work on emerging this brand and perfecting the experience. More stylist are beginning to work on their brand on their influence and consumer experience. Note: your personal brand is just as important as a business incorporated brand. You must represent it at all times, you must promote it and create your niche. 

My niche is curvy and plus size women who love fashion. I’m her and she is me we are one. Therefore when I work on my brand I’m not only doing it for other women I’m doing it for myself as well. 

Recently, I’ve begun to work on my personal brand, Karima Renee. During this process my main concern is my website and portfolio. I recenlty had a site designed which I did not like, it didn’t fit the brand, the experience. So I took to live books and dripbook to see which portfolio site is best for my brand.  I built this site vis livebooks. 

Home Page via Livebooks.com

What do you guys think? Its a work in progress, but I’m progressing no less. That is key that is the point. 

Here is a list of powerful tips and advice I want to share with you from the panel:

  1.  Let the growth happen organically.
  2. Strive to do things that have not been done before ” don’t follow the big conglomerates playbook, you will lose the game” 
  3. Master the Dna, Psyche and culture of your client/consumer
  4. Always be true to your aesthetic.  
  5. Work like a drug dealer, give people something for free and get them hooked. 
In the meantime I will be using this site Behance, click here to see my work. Check it out. Do you see my niche, my aesthetic? If you like what you see scroll to the bottom of each page and click Appreciate this! For now take notes and begin to build your brand!
Thanks for reading….

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