Fashion’s Night Out

It’s The Beginning Of Fashion Week! I’ve been talking about if for quite some time now and its finally here. To kick things off Skinny Minority served as Macys King Of Prussia Stylist for the biggest shopping event of the year, FASHION NIGHT OUT 🙂

I wanted to wear omething from Macys during the event but that didn’t really work out so I decided to wear something from my line KRA by Skinny Minority.

I’m Not A Model But

  Outfit Details: Jacket: KRA | Top: Arie | Skirt: Express | Boots: Aldo

My Arm Candy… Ya’ll know I’m Obesessed with Stacked Bracelets

Some of My Favorite Bangles and Bracelets

Juicy Couture Baby

It was an amazing night. I started off at Mac to get Uber Glam for the night with my personal makeup artist Sherri. I’ve been working with Sherri for over 5 years, she gave me my 1st nude lip and I’ve been addicted ever since! I love my Sher-Bear!

So here I’m before I got dressed.

Me and My Cousin Rob Swagg

Once the night got started it was no susprise that my curvies came flocking to me, oh but of course. It was amazing they came at with with questions about everything from what worked for them to when is my line going to be in Macys. It was truly an amazing experience.



Note: I make a lot of faces when I talk, but make no mistake we were having a fab convo! I was also overjoyed that my boo and faithful Fashion Fix Listener @Iam_Will4 came through.

Mr. @Iam_Will4 and I… New Bffs

Thats a Wrap Honey

I was a great night we all had a ball. Tremendous thanks to all that came to Macys to support, friends, family, twitter followers and FNO shoppers. I Love you all.

Looking forward to the rest of fashion week and the next Fashion Night Out.

Lata Gatas…

2 thoughts on “Fashion’s Night Out

    • karimarenee says:

      @chante our rtw line is not available to the public as of yet. But our fashion fitness tees are available online just click the purple shopping bag one the right side of the blog! Thanks 4 reading!

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