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The Fashion Bomb

Below is a quick testament Claire Slumers of The Fashion gave her fans and supports via Tumblr. I was first introduced to Claire thru her website the TFB back in 2008 when I was Sr. Fashion Editor for Clutch Magazine. She was on top then and she was recently featured in the September issue of Essence Magazine. Claire is amazing and truly an inspiration to all, fashion or not….

Take Notes

Can I just testify real quick: Years ago, while working in the research department of a national magazine, I got business cards printed with the title, “Claire Sulmers, Fashion Journalist.” No, I wasn’t getting invites to shows, and I wasn’t even in the fashion department of my magazine (though I was allowed to write occasional fashion articles). I just printed my title down, handed my card out to everyone I encountered, blogged my butt off, and truly believed I could one day live my dream.

I distinctly remember handing my card to my boss on my last day, a few weeks after I decided to quit and move to Paris. He looked curiously at the card and said, “Fashion Journalist? Ok.” I said, “Yes, that’s what I want to do,” and went on my way.

I am so amazed to see my name next to the title of Fashion Journalist, now, almost five years after I initially printed those cards. I guess it’s simply a testament to believing strongly in yourself, even when others don’t. Assume the position you want to have, even if you’re not quite there.

Sorry to get all sappy, but I’m truly touched.


PS I’ve still got a ways to go:)

Keep up with Claire on her blog The Fashion Bomb or via Tumblr

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