Heyyyyy, Welcome Everyone to The Pre Fall Mix Of The FASHION FIX 😉

All Month long THE FASHION FIX & PRESS PLAY RADIO will be doing our best to prepare YOU with the essentials of Fall: shoes, accessories, hot mess celebs, and much more.

This week on the Fashion Fix we discuss…

The Line Between Dapper & Femininity,What Men Really WantLil Mama’s Identity Crisis, and We Have a BIG Announcement!!!!

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My partner in crime @Suburbanjay is back in full effect giving you the juice on Beyonce & Lil’ Wayne. Plus he drops new music from MJB, YMCMB, & Danielle Fiers!!!

Also as you will hear on show we are participating in Philly’s FASHION NIGHT OUT (FNO)! We are thrilled for this opportunity! So if any of you live in Philly or are Willing to Travel for Fashion click here for more details on how you can party and shop with us! 

Thats all for now fashion junkies. Thanks for your continued support!

Don’t forget to kick off #MBFW Fashion Week our CEO Karima Renee will be launching her new website 9/4/11!

Until next time… Smooches!

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