Day In The Life of A Stylist 010


I’m building a new website! Thats right, let the count down to Karima Renee.Com commence. And because I love you all here’s a sneak peak at the skeleton, where it all starts.

Skeleton aka Phase 1

My web designer Nya Jones of Editor Jones and  created this for me. I can’t wait to put all my work on a domain that I own. Currently you can find some of my work on Skinny Minority.Com or on our Facebook Fan Page. But as an evolving stylist and mogul in the making I thought it was time for a change, time to present my work on a proper platform. Some may be thinking “why did I have to have another website,” the answer is easy, BRANDING. Although I’m Skinny Minority, I’m also my own brand. Karima Renee is the brand that started Skinny Minority and for professional reasons I need to market KR better.

NOTE: If you are an aspiring stylist you must understand that you are a brand, well at-least if you want to be anything other than cookie cuter! Find your niche, make your mark, build your brand! I’ve found my niche and my aesthetic, I’m making my mark with Skinny Minority (and continue too) and now I’m branding myself (and skinny minority). 

Editor Jones.Com

 I’ll keep you guys posted on the progress… In the mean time if you’re ready to starting branding yourself (in any capacity) check out my girl Nya and sign up for her webinar on building a great and profitable site! Make sure to tell her I sent ya!

Love you guys for reading…


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