Bloggin’ It! The Fashion Fix

Hi Dolls:

Yes its Wednesday yet again and for us and hopefully for you that means its time to get fixated! Unfortunately, we will not be streaming with the dapper and oh so charismatic @SubUrbanJay b/c this week its his turn to take a vaca and since he’s not a mogul in the making like moi, he decided to postpone the show! Hes such a slacker, JK! I love my brother Jay, lacefront obsession and all.

So since we are a fashion brand I wanted to keep this week all about the clothes, shoes, and jewels! I may throw a fashion fool into the mix just for shits and giggles! Heres My Fashion Fixations This Week…


1. I don’t want to get into fall fashion too much with you guys just yet but, I can’t help it, I’m brusting! So although I’m a Stiletto/Pump Girl this season I’m loving all the jazzy Flats! I know right!


Elle  Magazine editor  Mr. Joe Zee said this season start with a fab shoe collection! I’ve already started with a pair of black knee high leather wedges from Report Signature. Pics coming soon.

2. Since we are talking shoes, my #2 most coveted item for this Fall and particularly my B-Day are these Miu Miu’s!


3. My Most Anticapted Trend= Spots & Dots! I can’t wait to mix and match vintage polka dots and leopard! On the designer side of things no one does this trend better than Marc Jacobs & Dolce and Gabbana!

The Trend In Motion

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011

I want to elaborate on this topic more! But On to Celeb Fashion News

4. Kaleena of Diddy Dirty Money Celebrated Her Birthday with a New Hairstyle! What do you guys Think?

Hell Yea! Or Hell Nawl

She kinds looks a lil’ different right, like a different person! Cuter… we say yes! Not sure if I’m loving it or not, but I don’t hate it! In any event her curves are sick! Peep game folks, shorty body is a 10.

5. Plus Size Model Robin Crawely Scores Cover  Of Vogue Australia! Team Skinny Minority Stand Up! I can’t wait to see more of this! Of course there is controversy behind this heres what the editor said in defense

I agree wholeheartedly that some female models are much too thin, but it’s not something you see much in Australia. For example, the recent David Jones and Myer shows featured gorgeous size 8-10 girls and I don’t think either store suffered from not casting a plus-size model.”


Ok got to go, duty calls. You’ve been fixed! Thanks for reading xoxox.

PS: Don’t forget to tune into the Fashion Fix next week with Jay & I via Press Play Radio 🙂

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