News, Facts & Quotes Fr. Wendy Williams

Hey Guys:

So as we get into the month of August and such Skinny Minority and my mission for Curvy Girl Fashion Liberation is taking somewhat of a drop on my list of priorities. Don’t worry I will still be updating the blog, facebooking and tumbling on Tumblr. However, the number of social events we do and things of that nature will change. As chief consultant of Skinny Minority I’m going to take this time to build clientle and rebrand my self as a stylist starting with a new website Don’t click that its not available to view yet but, it will be in just a few short weeks.  It will give editors, managers, executives and other fashion V.I.Ps (like you) the opportunity to get to know me better as a stylist and view my work without the help of Facebook.

Here on SMB I want you lovelies to get to know me better not only as the the founder of Skinny Minority But as the Girl Behind the Brand!

Here are 7 things I thought you should know…

1. Studied- Virgina Tech/ FIT Styling Program

2. First Job- Phila. Housing Authority ( S/O 2 Mrs. James)

3. Career Aim- To become the Go To Stylist Of Women



4. Career Highlight-  The Skinny Minority KRA Fashion Show

5. Best Advice I‘ve Ever Been Given: “Failure is The Path!”~Leonard  Brody

 6. Guess What: I’ve Been Coloring blocking for the past 2 years!

7. Favorite Quote: “Real Women Don’t Walk Around The Pool…They  Jump The Hell In”~ Wendy Williams


Well thats all for now, thanks for taking them time to get to know me a little bit better. To chat with me more, tune into the the FASHION FIX via Press Play Radio THIS & EVERY Wednesday 🙂 Chat with me and all of TSM 24/7 @skinnyminority on Twitter.

Love You… Mean It

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