Week 11 Of The Fashion Fix

Hola Peoples!

As we enter August and 2011 flies by we enter week 11 of The Fashion Fix! I can not believe  that ,and I know we say that every week but it’s true! This week on the THE FASHION FIX| PRESS PLAY RADIO we discuss a topic that’s near and dear to my heart, Women Who Dress Like a Girl But Want To Attract Grown Men! Its crazy to me but its a freaking epidemic among women between the ages of 25-35. I wont lie, I may creep into Forever 21 but I stop myself from buying the same top as my 16 year old counterparts. To find out more about what I had  to say on this topic listen to the show here!

The rest of this weeks topics are…

Angela Simmons New Clothing Line, Skinny Minority’s Glamour Girl Event Series,  Fashions For Art 4 Life, Listeners Questions Answered!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Meanwhile my homie @SubUrbanJay has made listening to the show even more pleasurable, we are now board-casting via PodOmatic, yes we are podcasting now:) So if you’re sneaking to listening to us at work or in a rush, you can skip thru the show by clicking the chapter button and fast forward to our segment THE FASHION FIX!  My boo is also dishing about the J.Lo & Marc Anthony Split, The Beef On Over The “Throne”, & New Music From Drake.

For all my Philly, Jersey & Delaware readers make sure to RSVP to our event being held this weekend and get the chance to meet The Skinny Minority Girls! Click here to reserve your spot…

Well I gotta run, as I said I don’t have mega time to blog these days, but as always we thank your for reading and listening. 

~Double Kisses (in my B.Scott Voice) 

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