A Day In The Life Of A Stylist 009

Hello World!

Please excuse my busy schedule for I have no time to blog! But in all honesty I’m NOT A BLOGGER I’M A STYLIST WHO BLOGS! No fiction just fact. So therefore I shall style and styling is what I have been up to. Check out the first set of behind the scenes shots of my client Na’eemah Harper’s debut video for her single Identity.

When prepping for this shoot I had a lot of fun, but also some frustrating points, but all and all I love my job/career! It just becomes difficult when you have a vision and can’t fully execute it. Luckily, I was able to reach out to Philadelphia designer Shavonne DeAnn and pull some great pieces from her collection. Its being resourceful and having a strong network thats makes things work as a stylist.  I can’t image doing anything else. Even on the day of the shoot I ran into some small hurdles, but I grow everyday as a stylist and learn something during every project. Heres what I learned on this shoot:

1. Always stock up pasties, buy 4 boxes at a time

2. Invest in a tagging gun

3. Being nice to sales peoples pays off

4. Invest more jewelry into my kit

5. Try to find spray on body adhesive

I hope you guys like the pictures, its a small glimpse into my 10hr workday! What does your work day look like?  Mine consist of safety pins, rolling racks, steamers, studio locations, glam-squads, taped shoes and craft services (catered food)… but I love it. Hope you can say the same.

Enjoying The Journey. Thanks for reading.


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