10 Weeks & Counting Bishes!!!!!

First of all Hello! Second of all let me just let ya’ll know that as I write this I’m actually listening to this weeks Press Play Radio Wednesday and I’m smiling! Why? The Where You At  star of the day is JaRule and the song is I Wanna Be Your Chick!!!! OMG I’m I the only one who got instant chills… do not leave me hanging… summer of 01 (I believe) WHAT! Don’t play with me ya’ll, thats when I was in my prime, wow so many memories.

Click here to listen to the show. 

Anyway moving on from memory lane, let me let you guys know what the FASHION FIX  is gushing about this week

Da Brat Claims Shes a P.Y.T, Ashanti Is Back? Why I Love American Apparel & We Shop The Sales!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also in the show I give a special shout out to MY CURVY GIRLS and put you ladies down with top notch info about retail  brands that are giving us more options. My baby boy @SubUrbanJay also dishes on The Fool That Is Keri Hilson, The Game’s dissing The Throne, & new music by SM Client Na’eemah Harper. All that and more only on Press Play Radio! Enjoy the show and make sure you listen this and every week for the best internet-radio fashion report online.

As always thanks for reading and listening…we love you.

PS: Take a look at the recent post Curvy Girls The Glass Is Half Full 005 and take our challenge!!!  MY PHAT GIRLS YOU WANT CHANGE… LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN. ENOUGH SAID. CURVY GALS (LETS) ROCK

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