Curvy Girls The Glass Is Half Full 005

Hey Beautifuls:

How is everyone doing in this heatwave? I’ve been staying in-doors as much as possible its just too hot! Being chic and fashionable can be seriously hard when you don’t want to wear any clothes at all. Summer is not always a curvy girls friend, I mean theres the boob sweats (and sometimes rashes), thigh rubbing (and often chafing) , and the demise of the summer strapless. But fret not I have found  more than a few ways to look amazeballs!!! Yes I admit its harder for me to shop on real time than online but as THE CURVY GIRL STYLIST that’s my damn job and I accept the challenge. However, now I’m going to challenge you…

Definition Of A Challenge

I’m going to challenge you to lift up your voices and speak up!!! As you all should know we are debuting our KRA by Skinny Minority Clothing Collective this Fall. If you haven’t seen it check it out here. But since Fall is right around the corner we are working on the spring collection and we want to know what you are looking for from a curvy girl fashion brand.


Everyone complains about the lack thereof, but when people ask “well what do you want” no one has an answer. So I challenge each and everyone of you that read this blog to COMMENT, let us know what fashion didn’t do for you this spring so that we can do it for you Spring 2012! Then, once you have answered, tweet this, facebook it, tumble it, and forward it, so that your friends and friends of friends can comment and let their voices be heard!

I ask, How The Hell are we as a curvy community going to move forward if we don’t take action!  So Comment & Spread The Word!

Thank you for reading beautifuls.


2 thoughts on “Curvy Girls The Glass Is Half Full 005

  1. gen321 says:

    Ok (cracking knuckles), what fashion didn’t do for me this spring was offer some trendy items in a timely manner and some of the cuts are just…..ugh! Example, rompers and jumpsuits were plentiful in straight sizes and somewhat so in plus, but the cuts were off and the selection of colors were slim. I also did not see many trends until the end of June, beginning of July, by then I am shopping the clearance rack and looking for fall items. Another issue I have, is not limited to just this spring but all seasons; I am tall and a lot of items (like the jumpsuit) have a 30 in. inseam that is just too short for me to wear with heels. I want more items offered for plus women who are taller than 5’7. There were a lot of trends presented on the runway that just did not make it into plus size retailers stockrooms. I want to see more of the runway in my closet. In addition, I want it offered at reasonable prices, just like straight lines.

    Overall, I would say the plus size fashion industry has greatly improved, but there is room for more improvement. One of my biggest frustrations was not being able to find colorful skinny jeans (example of trends on runway or in magazines, but not in plus size stockrooms). I finally found some in red and blue at ASOS, but would have loved to see some in green, purple, yellow, etc. Maybe I just didn’t look hard enough, but I just feel it shouldn’t be that hard for the group that makes up the largest percentage of women, to find the items that the fashion industry says should be in your closet.

    Thank you. I hope all of this made sense. LOL!

  2. karimarenee says:

    @gen321 Thanks for making your voice heard! I totally understand where your coming from which is why we wanted to hear from you and other curvy girls around the world. Spread the word and we will try our best to make KRA an asset to your closet. FYI I really feel you on the rompers… even though i’m only 5’2 🙂

    Thanks 4 Your Comment

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